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Markiplier smuts~ by Jackymoo89
Markiplier smuts~by Jackaboy Markimoo
⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Lots of Smuts 😏
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Sick Little Games by VioletAntiseptic
Sick Little Gamesby Beautiful_Blue_Boy
You were ripped away from your home with no warnings. Stolen. Your new home consists of several strange people who all seem to be doppelgangers derived from two people...
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And I...: A MarkiplierxReader ✔ by Cutiplier
And I...: A MarkiplierxReader ✔by Brittany
You and your cousin of the same age decide to take a road trip after High school graduation to Los Angeles, California. It's something the 2 of you had always spoke of...
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Industry (Teachers Pet sequel) by ShaSha12342
Industry (Teachers Pet sequel)by ShaSha12342
I walked up to her and smirked before glancing at him "Aw baby girl you are just a child, just know that if I wanted him I could have him....Trust me" I lightl...
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Latch by Xscapee
Latchby Your Internet Mom
(Sequal in progress) (Y/n) is stuck in a sticky situation with some people she barely knows. From sandy barren wastelands to rocky hills (Y/n) is stuck in the construct...
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Welcome to the Markiplier Manor! by Moody_Louise
Welcome to the Markiplier Manor!by Moody_Louise
It's been four years since you've last seen your dear brother Mark. You decided to go to his manor a week for a vacation. You have a odd feeling though, what if Mark isn...
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Markiplier fluffy imagines ✨ Mark x Reader by -ChemicalGee-
Markiplier fluffy imagines ✨ - obsessed teenager -
Just fluffy Markiplier imagines NOTE: I don't write smut or lemons. Maybe some limes though ;) Lovely cover by my best friend @Musntbill ❤✨
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Who Killed Markiplier? (Mayor X OC SubPlot)  by EverChangingFandoms
Who Killed Markiplier? (Mayor X Adderfang
It was just a poker party. So what happens when Izzy's childhood friend, Mark, is suddenly and mysteriously killed by an unknown murderer? Now she has to solve the murde...
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The Gamers' Retreat (A Murder Mystery ft. YouTube Gamers) by Emiliplier
The Gamers' Retreat (A Murder Emiliplier
Markiplier and his YouTube companions have been invited to a Gamer Retreat. The mysterious invitations and creepy location raises many questions, many of which go unans...
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Abandon All Hope by relentlessmads
Abandon All Hopeby Madison
Her smile shifts to a frown as she whispers, "Why did you let me die?" Despite the length separating us, her heartbreaking words pound at my eardrums. My hands...
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Sunday Mornings ( Markiplier x Reader ) Oneshot by nutbae
Sunday Mornings ( Markiplier x nutbae
When Mark is your boyfriend, Sunday Mornings are the best ;)
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The King (Demons Can't Love Prequel, Felix and Dark's story) by xitslittyyx
The King (Demons Can't Love Gray
This is the story of Dark and Felix's past. You all know the king of the "demon realm" as I called it back in 2017. Well, he's back and he's here to tell you h...
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Day & Night - Markiplier x Reader (DIS-CONTINUTED) by laisaexe
Day & Night - Markiplier x babygirl
You may think you know everything about your favourite internet hero. But some secrets are kept quiet for a reason When Sam and y/n find out something about their favou...
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Please.... (Markiplier x reader) by 7kkuzmio7
Please.... (Markiplier x reader)by SartsFrinkles
Your a 17 year old girl And going to Vidcon, to meet the one and only Markilpier, let's see what happens. Ooh zayumm.
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New beginings (markiplier fanfiction) by RPG_MONKEY89
New beginings (markiplier RPG_MONKEY89
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Miss Not So Perfect by avasfanfics
Miss Not So Perfectby Ava
~A Markiplier Fanfiction~ Luckiest girl alive That's what many call you And you are truly lucky You have a boyfriend And you're "living the dream" But you have...
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Something In The Way (A Markiplier Fanfiction) by crazysydbiz
Something In The Way (A crazysydbiz
Elizabeth lives all alone in California with no friends or close family, and mild anxiety. She feels like she needs a purpose. Something to help her get rid of the negat...
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The Art Gallery- A Markiplier FanFiction by lilybullinger
The Art Gallery- A Markiplier Lily
Laine and Lily, 21-year old twins, live together in an apartment in L.A. They've been close to each other for years- but when an unexpected someone enters their lives, M...
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Darkiplier is Back... by LoreleiKimball
Darkiplier is LoreleiKimball
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