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A Videogphers Sister  by _Reo22_
A Videogphers Sister by _Reo22_
Zoey's brother is a videogpher for four brothers on YouTube but a few secrets are hidden within Zoey but will she be able to keep her secrets? Will she fall in love with...
My Paradise  by dobredaddytwins
My Paradise by dobredaddytwins
Jen and her mom moved to LA they met the Dobre family they invented them to dinner but then Jen met sexy hot and cute boy but which is a bad boy when she get to learn ab...
Dobre twins imagines (smuts) by playpal23
Dobre twins imagines (smuts)by Destini Wells
dirty be careful if your reading these, it will make you very wet 😈😜🤤🤤👅👅🍆🍑
Dobre twins ♡ imagines  by awkwardxfangirl
Dobre twins ♡ imagines by ★彡
Since these will never ever happen in reality, why not imagine it instead? :) Sexual scenes included. If below 13 please pass this imagine Highest ranking: #1 in Dobre...
INSTAGRAM ➟ marcus dobre by seolarworld
INSTAGRAM ➟ marcus dobreby winnie 🍯
who would of thought that a boy and girl would fall in love on instagram.
why me? /Marcus Dobre by butterflydjs
why me? /Marcus Dobreby ❝🦋🦋❞
Dayna Lambert is a17 year old girl who lives in Maryland in America. She has problems.Problems with a bully, MARCUS DOBRE. Sooner or later she realises she catches feeli...
The New Girl - Jerika by T10forever
The New Girl - Jerikaby me, myself, and I
I suck at descriptions so I am not even gonna try explaining. Also if you are one of those kids who come here to read dirty stuff then you came to the wrong book. I don'...
Marriage By Force   by dobre_writer
Marriage By Force by dobre_writer
I was always bullied at my school cause I'm fat, with Glasses, and acne. I don't have any friends over the period of high school cause my bully Marcus Dobre, which I hat...
Dobre Imagines √ by jimindreamglow
Dobre Imagines √by Shai⁷
Just a bunch of Imagines of Lucas and Marcus that I'll hope you'll enjoy. ? ©jimindreamglow 100K reads > 08/08/2018 110K reads 02/11/2018 120K reads 08/02/2019
Torn // Emilio Martinez by Elegantgilinsky
Torn // Emilio Martinezby a
Bella has been best friends with the Dobre twins since she could remember. When a new set of twins joins the Team 10 house, will she have to choose between them?
PART OF ME(Marcus Dobre Fanfiction) by Perfectdobre
PART OF ME(Marcus Dobre Fanfiction)by Perfectdobre
Just two best friends realizing they're falling in love with each other!
Falling For You (Darius Dobre FanFiction) by itzxemilyyyy
Falling For You (Darius Dobre Emily
Ally Is Best Friends With Darius Dobre Since Kindergarten. But One Day They Tell Each Other About How They Feel For Each Other. Idk why I made this lmao. People from mus...
||More Than A Brother?||Lucas X Marcus|| by WamboWolfie
||More Than A Brother?||Lucas X Kian Kyrstle
Warning: very cringy, dirty, and boy x boy, if your not mature enough to handle it then dont read...
Is this love (Marcus dobre fan fic) by RebeccaDyson1
Is this love (Marcus dobre fan fic)by Robert pattinson
This is about a girl that is obsessed about the dobre brothers and she moved to Maryland and they went to meet there next door neighbor and it was ...
Marcus Dobre Story ~ X Reader Completed by babygirlnataliedobre
Marcus Dobre Story ~ X Reader Natalie Mendes
Y/n just moved to LA with her bff Darling But Darling has a secret that only Marcus know does she tell y/n her secret or does she keep it to yourself But Darling is not...
Dobre brother preferences (COMPLETED) by Kyla-Gilbert
Dobre brother preferences ( Kyla Gilbert
This book is a dobre brother preference for all the dobre brother fans out there :)
Forever Yours by Perfectdobre
Forever Yoursby Perfectdobre
Amaya is best friends with Alissa, but they don't live together. Amaya live in Spain with her step mother and her step sisters. Lucas and Marcus live in LA , so basicall...
Fate M.D [Complete] by namjoonnxbtss
Fate M.D [Complete]by namjoonnxbtss
Your name is Caysee and you moved to Maryland and a new life at a new school. You have a really big secret that you can't let anyone find out.. you make new friends incl...
Team 10 preferences and imagines by olivibes
Team 10 preferences and imaginesby wdw groupie
book of team 10 preferences and imagines