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Connection {A Cyrus Dobre Story} by skatergirl1345
Connection {A Cyrus Dobre Story}by Salem
"You really like him don't you." Dari asks me sitting next to me. "Yeah I do." I say looking down at the gym floor. "Do something about it.&q...
Love and Affection | Marcus Dobre  by slvt4matthew
Love and Affection | Marcus Dobre by jailah
"1-800 choke that hoe!" Riley and Lola moved to Maryland a few months ago. The were on their way out of Starbucks when Riley tripped and fell. Read the story t...
Fame and Love // M.D by thesweetangel01
Fame and Love // M.Dby Sweet Angel
A you-tuber and famous singer, Olivia Garcia is dating a famous you-tuber, Marcus Dobre. She lives with the Dobre brothers and is like a sister to them and a daughter to...
In love with Darius Dobre by bxddie_deprexxed
In love with Darius Dobreby Bxddie_Deprexxed
Your in love with Darius Dobre. And you two have your ups and downs but always find your way back to each other. Some parts wont connect because I'm editing but it'll al...
Related to the Dobre Brothers Cameraman by nevaehberlin396
Related to the Dobre Brothers nevaehberlin396
I am Nevaeh and I am related to Steve Perez. Yes the dobre brothers Camera Man!! I am the the second youngest out of the family of a family of 6. I am 20 with a twin sis...
Married To Dobre  by zariahunter
Married To Dobre by Zaria Hunter
"Hi! We're the Dobre Brothers and we do backflips!" "Hi! We're Zara and Mara and we're to lazy to do backflips!" Meet Zara and Mara! No, they aren't...
Alone💔 by thelosersssssclub
Alone💔by 🎈🎈
Alone ☑ Depressed ☑ Bullied☑ Someone who loves me...?
dobre brothers images and preferences. by ericasmith2011
dobre brothers images and ericasmith2011
Imagines and preferences about the dobre brothers
The Meet&Greet by lovedobrebrothers
The Meet&Greetby lovedobrebrothers
A simple girl fells in love with a youtuber Marcus Dobre! She finally after years gets a chance to finally meet him, her love of her life, and she does something that wi...
Fate M.D [Complete] by namjoonnxbtss
Fate M.D [Complete]by namjoonnxbtss
Your name is Caysee and you moved to Maryland and a new life at a new school. You have a really big secret that you can't let anyone find out.. you make new friends incl...
Dobre Preferences√ by jimindreamglow
Dobre Preferences√by Shai⁷
Just a bunch of Preferences of Lucas and Marcus that I'll hope you'll enjoy. 😊 ©jimindreamglow
How am I suppose to feel (MARCUS DOBRE)  by marcus_dobre_lover
How am I suppose to feel (MARCUS marcus_dobre_lover
Now I have lost everything because Marcus could not control his actions
Team 10; Instagram (completed) by cultcolby
Team 10; Instagram (completed)by .・゜゜・W・゜゜・.
@team10official followed you! #7 in Jake Paul
Dobre brother preferences [✔] by Kyla-Gilbert
Dobre brother preferences [✔]by Kyla Gilbert
This book is a dobre brother preference for all the dobre brother fans out there :) Started:15-oct-2017
College With The Dobres: MARCUS DOBRE FANFICTION (ONE OF BEST) by alywritez
College With The Dobres: MARCUS moono
19 year old Anima is starting her sophomore year at college, but little does she know who is going to be there with her and what will happen and change her life... F...
"It's A Twin-Thing" // Dobre Twins by byunieberrie
"It's A Twin-Thing" // Dobre Twinsby ↬underwater↫
[COMPLETED] "Follow your heart.." She repeated over and over again, like they were some magic words that would somehow show her the right decision. • • • Kate...
Dobre brothers + you by DramaQueen__XOXO
Dobre brothers + youby
This is a story on how you met the dobre's and see how they affect your life.
||my Bully saved me|| M.D|| by larcus_for_life
||my Bully saved me|| M.D||by lol_cool
Meet Kayla brooks a 17 year old girl who has big dreams in the future but it's tearing apart from Marcus dobre who has been mentally and physically bullying her for 2 ye...
High school (dobre twins or martinez twins) by Janiyamp
High school (dobre twins or Janiyamp
your a classic nerd but will all that change when you meet two sets of hot twins who out of the four will you choose comment ideas if you have any!!
Stressed  by Dolbrez
Stressed by Abigail Banda
13 year old, Abigail Dobre, has been living in a foster home since she was born. Suddenly, she gets flown out thousands of miles away from her foster home to meet her re...