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Magic Revealed by KindredCoffee
Magic Revealedby Tired
Starting at the beginning of Season 4, Lancelot and Merlin manage to close the rift without a sacrifice. With Arthur curious about magic, Merlin finds himself revealing...
His Choice by presidentofdumbass
His Choiceby presidentofdumbass
Arthur goes back to the Disir to save Mordred's life but to do so he must make a decision. Merlin's telling him one thing, the disir tell him another and then Merlin te...
Stronger [A Merlin fanfiction] by animeotaku7739
Stronger [A Merlin fanfiction]by animeotaku7739
A magic revealed oneshot. When Camelot is attacked by a powerful sorceress Merlin is left with no other choice but to reveal his most carefully guarded secret to the pe...
Mayflowers by presidentofdumbass
Mayflowersby presidentofdumbass
Merlin lost his friend only hours ago and now he's sitting in the clearing where they used to play as children. He's sitting amongst the flowers they used to grow and he...
The return of Camelot by rach2322
The return of Camelotby rach2322
It's modern times. Merlin has been living alone since Arthur's death. What happens when Arthur returns, how does Arthur react to Merlin's magic. Merlin only expected Art...
Betrayal and alliance  by CDMorgan
Betrayal and alliance by CDMorgan
When Merlin shows Arthur his secret, he doesn't take it so well. He banish Merlin from Camelot and his return will be punished by death. But soon after Arthur have send...