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Richelle Rooney (Liv & Maddie)  by Lereyi
Richelle Rooney (Liv & Maddie) by lereyi
Richelle Rooney is the cooler twin sister of Joey Rooney when her older sister Liv comes back home after being in Hollywood for 4 years her whole family must learn to ad...
Choose  by Bitchy_waifu22
Choose by Weeb central 🎉
Y/N is a 13 year old girl and also a famous singer who lives with the ross family (aka from the show jessie) and developed a crush on Luke ross but at the Rooney house (...
Finding love  by PrincessMaya02
Finding love by Maya Penelope Hunter
Maya Rooney Liv rooney Maddie Rooney Holden Diggy and Josh
Alone: A Liv and Maddie x Reader Crossover (Older Sister) by MiraculouslyRooney
Alone: A Liv and Maddie x Reader MiraculouslyRooney
TW Mentions- Drug Addiction Alcohol Addiction Self-harm Hallucinations Y/N Rooney, the eldest sibling of the Rooney family, and the most mentally stable. That's what s...
Green Broken Eyes《Liv and Maddie Book 1》 by Falls_Flower_Crown
Green Broken Eyes《Liv and Maddie Flower Princess
After losing her parents, Ginger Wills is moving in with her cousins - The Rooneys. Until her brother come back to America from their grandparents. Ginger goes to their...
The Forgotten Rooney Sister by Nicci-Cakes
The Forgotten Rooney Sisterby Nicci-Cakes
Veronica was the forgotten one in the family and ran away but what happens when she comes back 10 years later. Will, she still be forgotten or will she finally be notice...
The brightest star by sabrinasfadingmoon
The brightest starby Tiny
{Liv Rooney X Maya Hart} Liv Rooney has a secret. A secret she hasn't even told her twin sister to afraid to tell her and anyone else. But what happens when a new gir...
Miggie love story  by lab-rats
Miggie love story by Disney Lover💖💜
It's been a year since Liv Rooney has seen her twin sister Maddie Rooney. When Liv arrives home she sees something isn't right with her sister and she try's to figure ou...
Another Rooney Sister《Liv and Maddie Book 1》 by Falls_Flower_Crown
Another Rooney Sister《Liv and Flower Princess
Rosalie Rooney is the younger sister of Liv and Maddie and Joey, but older sister to Parker. She is loved by all her siblings, she is very artsy like Liv but can be as t...
Rooney Triplets by wafflecheesecake2020
Rooney Tripletsby a.j riley (lesbian)
Meet Dakota Rooney. The Rooney triplet I do not own any of the Liv and Maddie characters, I just own my original characters. The Chapters are not going to exactly follow...
Artie Has A Girlfriend? (Artie Smalls x OC) by ScarletVisiontrash
Artie Has A Girlfriend? (Artie Makayla
When Dumptruck's younger sister moves to Steven's Point, everyone's a little shocked, not knowing that he had a sister. They're even more shocked when they find out she...
If the Universe?~(Isabella and Josh) Josabella-A-Rooney (Liv and Maddie Fanfic!) by EmyRoseMusicalArt
If the Universe?~(Isabella and Tomes&Rosebud
Short Story Fanfic about the Life of Liv and Maddie's little sister and Joey's twin Isabella (Izzie) Rooney after Liv's new show hires on new co-star Josh Willcox. Isab...
Liv And Maddie: Parker's Twin Sister by EmilyCuevas392
Liv And Maddie: Parker's Twin Emily Cuevas
Sofia Ronney is Parker's Twin Sister from Wisconsin. She lives with her family which is the Ronneys. Her older sister Liv came back from Hollywood because of her role in...
Arcadian ▹Liv And Maddie  by -notaes
Arcadian ▹Liv And Maddie by –taylor-
"Hey doll." "I'm not a doll dump truck. I'm a human." [dump truck x oc ] [liv and maddie] [started: june 13, 2017] [cover...
Liv, Maddie and dove Rooney  by OllieVye
Liv, Maddie and dove Rooney by Movie fanfic
What if liv and maddie weren't just twins what if they were triplets and the triplet is called dove She is more famous then liv and is a mix between liv and maddie If y...
Young Love ➼ Parker Rooney by honey_mist_auburn
Young Love ➼ Parker Rooneyby lucy
Penny McClaire's world comes crashing down when her parents are killed in a horrifying car accident. As well as having to deal with the grief and heartbreak, she's force...
Rooney's ON DECK by twinsevans
Rooney's ON DECKby twinsevans
Liv siempre a estado enamorada de su mejor amigo, Cody, estaba bien guardando el secreto hasta que se enteró que él salía en secreto con Maddie. La traición de parte de...
Reunited-A-Rooney by R5ForeverFamily
Reunited-A-Rooneyby Ffion
When Maddie and Josh meet up again after months of not seeing each other, they start to realise there might be something more between them than they ever imagined. Maddi...