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Abyss  by kenziewuvsyou
Abyss by Kenzie
Deep, dark abyss.
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Goodbye ( Complete )#PrimoAwards2018 by danemmistyloydjames
Goodbye ( Complete )#PrimoAwards20...by E.Jᴬᴰᴺ
Tara magbasa at sama-sama tayong umiyak, magalit at kiligin. Sana magustuhan nyo...
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Poem Journal by eyedeus
Poem Journalby Eye.deus
A place to outlet poems. Don't be shy. I write with purpose.
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The Rain Woman by lunar_sie
The Rain Womanby moon
Some people loved magic. Some don't. They have their own reasons why they do so and don't. We all experience being a kid. And when we were kids we sometimes wish that we...
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The Broken Girl by cutiepie_mia
The Broken Girlby Cutiepie
The sole reason for Juliet's existence is the four letter word, HOPE. She had HOPE that her life would get better in the future but looking back she realized that her l...
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MY TUTOR by nueltune
MY TUTORby nueltune
A story of love and lust, can Gift fight to stand her love for John upon her parents hatred for him? do he love her? Gift relationship with John was put to a test as oth...
Peace Seekers by huggyprincess
Peace Seekersby Lindsey Daggett
Cherish Knightly once had it all: popularity, a perfect family, and a best friend. But Cherish has low self-esteem and secretly cut herself and struggles with an eating...
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Make It Get Better by AmandaHoekel
Make It Get Betterby Amanda Hoekel
I wrote a small collection of poems under the title, 'It doesn't get better'. Maybe I've been a bit negative? Let's see if positive thinking will turn things around.
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366 Thoughts by SalvageME
366 Thoughtsby Mutsawashe
I have a lot of weird stuff to say and I think too much. So this is a collection of thoughts through out the year i hope you guys enjoy 366thoughts by Mystery. btw some...
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Forever by Cocoaoaen
Foreverby Connie Waite
Nothing lasts forever...
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Dresses aren't for me (An OC backstory)  by TheFallenFox
Dresses aren't for me (An OC backs...by TheFoxFromTheSky
Luna had the childhood almost every kid would want. She had great parents, a good school to go to, lots of friends, and a lot of toys. Her parents spoiled her a lot. But...
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My shitty shit life ;) by harrys_cow
My shitty shit life ;)by harry owns me
So this is random stuff I think about during this qurantineZ . If you read it plz enjoy :)
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A Way Kill Yourself by yay_bitch_imhere
A Way Kill Yourselfby yay_bitch_imhere
if you're depressed and lost, you found the right book. I'll just put my pain in here, I probably would die soon so don't expect me to continue this book.
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MOON TALK by afrbkr
MOON TALKby Carats 💎
Random midnight thoughts, poems, and quotes. Feel free to read. Xoxo ♡♡♡♡
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Q/A's with my characters by Xniimx_
Q/A's with my charactersby ꧁几ㄖ ㄒ尺ㄩ丂ㄒ꧂
Characters I have in here so far~ Irusu from Online|Roblox series Ukiyo from Online|Roblox Series Korra from Online|Roblox Series Delinquent from Online|Roblox Series @X...
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SAVED by bratzdoll__
SAVEDby precious 🦋.
After being abused by her step father 18 year old Grace decides to run away and find help . Seeking help at the nearest place she finds she meets Heaven, Adonis mom . Le...
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You Were Always There  by AD0205
You Were Always There by AD
For Cairo, Sera was always there. While Cairo resided in his mansion with his parents, Seraphina resided in the servant quaters with her parents. Cairo was well educated...
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POEMS FOR THE BROKEN by Lost_Jupiter72
Here's a collection of some of my best works. I'll publish a page at a time.. there probably not worth your time anyway but here ye go...
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