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Percabeth: Demigods & High School  1 (REVISING) A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by thatfilipinawriter
Percabeth: Demigods & High School...by Patty
Annabeth and Percy starts another year in an unexpected situation, they are going to high school! Which means high school drama and a lot of parties especially when the...
Percabeth: We Meet Again (D&HS Book 2) Percy Jackson Fanfiction by thatfilipinawriter
Percabeth: We Meet Again (D&HS Boo...by Patty
After college Percy and Annabeth went back to camp half-blood for a little vacation. But time passed by Annabeth found a job, a job that she didn't really liked, but wil...
The Week That Changed Their Lives by logandrastuff
The Week That Changed Their Livesby logandrastuff
Sea of Monsters filming is over and Alex is getting over a messy break up. She needs a friend to turn to and becomes close to logan. Where will their relationship head?
History Repeats Itself: Percabeth (Ongoing) by thatfilipinawriter
History Repeats Itself: Percabeth...by Patty
Percy and Annabeth goes in separate ways yet fate is still getting them back together, or is it just Aphrodite? Camp Half-Blood is having a get together. And the gang de...
Forced I Do (Logandra) by arisinohari
Forced I Do (Logandra)by Arisugawa Yuzu
Love is the foundation of marriage. but what if it was just forced? will you still be happy? Will you still be able to make everything okay? Lena Frost was 15 when his f...
Breakeven by checkthegate0818
Breakevenby Sofia
She had enough; it was his fault. She's healing; he's still torn apart. She knew it was time to let go; he knew she's moved on. "'Cause when a heart breaks, no, it...
The Night After The Games (mockingjay, robsten, Logandra, joult) by logandrastuff
The Night After The Games (mocking...by logandrastuff
A fanfiction based around the Mockingjay part 2 premiere. This story includes: Robsten, Joult, Logandra, Taylor Squared and loads more! There is a party after the premie...
Logandra Angst/Baby Fic by Giathebored
Logandra Angst/Baby Ficby Naomi G. Scorcher
Logandra two years after a break up #wattys2015
JEALOUS. ( PLOT SHOP ) by Avengers-queenie
JEALOUS. ( PLOT SHOP )by hessa stan
i have too many plots in mind!!
Unintentional Love by romnogers
Unintentional Loveby emily
Logan Lerman, An ordinary Seventeen year old had earned the lead in "Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief". He didn't know much about his cast mates, but eve...
You belong with me (LOGANDRA) by Ocean20
You belong with me (LOGANDRA)by Permanent vacation
It's been 4 days since logan has been shooting the movie fury and Alex it's worried if he's in love with someone else
Second Thoughts by Giathebored
Second Thoughtsby Naomi G. Scorcher
In this one, set just after they reunite after he kissed Amy Vaver. (this fic is not connected to either of the reunion fics) Alexandra is having second thoughts about t...
New Girl At Goode by Sammy279
New Girl At Goodeby Sammy279
Annabeth is a new Girl at Goode and she really likes the schools golden boy Percy jackson.Lets see what happens when percy See's annabeth
after filmimg such scenes by Giathebored
after filmimg such scenesby Naomi G. Scorcher
don't judge it gets kind of sexual but its logandra. they're never affectionate in public, they need to make up for it somewhere.
Photo Worthy Moments by FlameTornado
Photo Worthy Momentsby FlameTornado
Some things I think Logan Lerman would Instagram about. P.S. The chapter titles are supposed to be the captions of the photos.
After Logan Met Amy by Giathebored
After Logan Met Amyby Naomi G. Scorcher
this happens after my previous fic Before Logan Met Amy. it explains why Lisa is in their house, sort of. you can call it all sequel, but you don't have to because th...
The Bad Ass Next Door by FarehaQU-12
The Bad Ass Next Doorby Fareha Quddus
"I am Natalie Dare. A normal teenager, who sucks at social life, gets good grades and like most other girls.... fancy the 'Famous Guy' So you can say that...
Nervous?||Logandra by percabeth0218
Nervous?||Logandraby percabeth0218
Flashback Ero uscita dalla discoteca per pensare dato che la musica alta e le urla delle mie amiche non me lo permettevano. "Nervosa?" mi disse un ragazzo dai...