Tell Me A Lie (Loga...
By demigod_wannabe
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~tell me a lie. Logan Lerman is a sucessful young business man who takes everything way to seriously. He's rich. He's got the looks. Girls drool over him. Has way too many ex girlfriends. He's cocky. He's......he's Logan. Alexandra Daddario, is an up and rising broadway actress. She's an average. She's drop-dead gorgeous. She's got boys drooling over her. She's hot. She's beautiful and she knows it. She's....she's just Alex. Lindsay Morgan, Logan's super obsessed ex-girlfriend, who Logan cheated on. To make her revenge, she hired an actress to make Logan fall in love and then break his heart. And Of course that had to be Alexandra Daddario. Lindsay made 5 steps, to make Logan fall in love. ~Cliche meeting ~Dinner/lunch/coffee ~visit his home ~seduction ~make up a sad story, A.K.A, sympathy. Alex succeeded to make Logan fall in love, and Logan did not fail to steal her heart, too. Logan falls, Alex falls. Logan finds out, Alex's dead.

Tell Me A Lie (Logandra)

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Tell Me A...
by demigod_wannabe