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What If by beamingbooks
What Ifby beamingbooks
My heart beat heavily against my chest as I stared down at the test. Tests can be false, right? Especially unofficial ones bought in District Twelve. But if the test is...
Daddy? (A Andy Biersack story) by Darkandedgykittys
Daddy? (A Andy Biersack story)by Long lost sisters
Echo is a two year old little girl who lives with her mommy and her moms boyfriend one day her mom was taking her somewhere but wouldn't tell her. While her mom was driv...
The Hanging tree by Burritolover21
The Hanging treeby Burritolover21
Here is what I think about the Hunger Games *characters and story belong to Suzan Collins*obviously Hope you like it and, May the odds be ever in your favor *WARNING* I...
The 74th Annual Hunger Games: Primrose's Story by _infinitebooks
The 74th Annual Hunger Games: _infinitebooks
"...and the female tribute of District 12... ... Primrose Everdeen..." Imagine how different it all would have been if Katniss didn't volunteer for Prim at the...
Evening Primrose  --Prim's POV-- by Everlarkelsa
Evening Primrose --Prim's POV--by Winchester Bros
You know Katniss's view of everything, but what about Prim? How does she deal with watching her sister fight for her life? ...
Catching Memories by chanelskinny
Catching Memoriesby Shattered Astrid
An English assignment gone wild. Ta-dah!
Odair by Burritolover21
Odairby Burritolover21
I looked down at his breathless body I wept I didn't know who he was but I still cried about it, Annie came over to me, I kissed her on the forehead as we stared at the...
THG Poetry by JillieJane
THG Poetryby Ty Lee and Narcissa
Just, you know, A bunch of poetry inspired by Hunger Games. Warning: This is extremely sad. And there are only 4. I may add more later idk. Let me know if u like it! I'm...