Lightner Stories

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Nobody likes me | Rouxls Kaard x Reader by AlexiaJewels
Nobody likes me | Rouxls Kaard x Sage
If anybody gets the reference I nothing but be proud I have no ideas so yeah...also I AM TERRIBLE AT WRITING STORIES hate also I might not finish this...
Strong-Willed by Leynnia
Strong-Willedby Leynnia
Susie begins to notice that Kris has been acting strangely ever since their visit to the supply closet on a school day, but ignores it and continues hanging out with the...
We Can Do Anything Together! | Jevil X Child!Reader (Slow Updates Sadly) by SoulofCindy360
We Can Do Anything Together! | SoulofCindy360
COVER NOT MINE! Anyway I wanted to do this and I know it won't get many views... Because all I can say is that I'M LATE! Also wondering where I got this idea... Well I h...
The Third Lightner (King Spades x Reader) by JellyTeapot
The Third Lightner (King Spades JellyTeapot
It seems the school counselor slipped into Deltarune with Susie and Kris!