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Random thoughts (un)popular opinions, and more stuff by ArxDrawsStuff
Random thoughts (un)popular ❄️ArxticArxy❄️
A book filled with random thoughts or questions because I want to do that and no one can stop me, might be a bit of a vent book too
Behind the Dawn by Rosa950
Behind the Dawnby Huge Leon Simp (🥀a)
There are secrets hidden within the velvet depths of the night... Their meanings can be found beneath the clouds of sunrise. Let me show you them. Random book No. 2. A s...
What Paulo Cohelo wants you to do | ✔ by annieneeedsausername
What Paulo Cohelo wants you to annie (they/them)
The title says it all... Based on best-selling book, Manual of Warrior of Light, here is a piece of advice in simple language which everyone should try to implement in t...
And She Only Knew Her Struggles by sakinahusain97
And She Only Knew Her Strugglesby sakinahusain97
Aarushi- Ek aisi ladki jo apni kitabo me hi khoyi rehti.. kabhi socha na tha use ek aisa dost milega jo uski zindagi badal dega.. #friendship #struggles #love...
Life by ThaaliaGrace101
Lifeby Poison Pineapple
Dude. The title says everything.
✿Random stuff✿ by Killah_Queen
✿Random stuff✿by your new friend!
✿just a book of random things✿
Leafs And Grass Dont Taste Good by DontBeExcited
Leafs And Grass Dont Taste Goodby The Bloody Painter
Idk just me being random like always Edit(8/5/2018): I really like the Yiga clan and their friggin mighty bananas. Edit(2/6/2018): It wouldn't let me go on this story fo...
take a moment to be grateful instead by ggyuwoo_
take a moment to be grateful u can do it ;))
nobody likes you more than when you're being yourself gnash (ft ben abraham), dear insecurity
How To Renovate Your Life by muktodmi
How To Renovate Your Lifeby Dewan M.I. Mukto
NON-FICTION This book is a compilation of several of my articles that are aimed at advising, persuading, and supporting people to change their lifestyles and to provide...
Random Facts About Forever_Solangelo by Forever_Solangelo
Random Facts About The Fabulous Amaimon
Just random facts about me. Give me things to answer and I'll answer them, no matter how embarrassing, boring, or dark. And if I say to follow someone, just do it. Follo...
~ random things ~ by dumplingstae
~ random things ~by 𖠵 ›› 𝗧𝗮𝗲𝗕𝗲𝗮𝗥 !
This book is just about my life and I might rant sometimes or even spam lyrics or just say random things. so deal with it :)) read this book if you wanna know about what...
Tea time with Author-Chan by alienby
Tea time with Author-Chanby yeehowdy
Not really a story, but it's a book of some random stuff. Kind of like a diary or journal, but public.
My Poems/Quotes by A_account_name
My Poems/Quotesby ✨Zero✨
Some really bad, some a bit better. If you don't like poems...then why are you reading this? I thought the title was pretty clear. It's mainly just a teenager overthinki...
-Life Updates/Chat Book/Request Book- by AshleighWilliams6
-Life Updates/Chat Book/Request AshleighWilliams6
This is just a book where i can update you guys and make sure you all know when i'll be online and when i wont! So yeah, read on. 😂
Stuff from ma life by hermione004
Stuff from ma lifeby hermione004
This is just random stuff about my life. IT'S FULL of RUNNING GAGS
General Life Stuff by OtakuEjay
General Life Stuffby Ese-Oghene Agbatutu
A collection of facts about me and sometimes the occasional nice snippet about something else
I'm From Dominoes: An Autobiography by EatASlice
I'm From Dominoes: An Autobiographyby Bethany
(Formerly "Life In The Pizza Box") Welcome to my kinda sorta autobiography! This isn't like any normal life story, with a whole boring description of my past c...
Girl Talk - Advice, Hacks, and More!  by kleerosep
Girl Talk - Advice, Hacks, and Kodie - Lee
Anywhere from period hacks to decorating tips to feminist issues, all feminine things are welcome as discussion or posts!