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Losing Game - LawRusso by 80smoviekid
Losing Game - LawRussoby 80's kid
"i spent all of the love i saved, we were always a loosing game"
Lawrusso Oneshots by cobra_kai_parker
Lawrusso Oneshotsby cobra_kai_parker
All of my Lawrusso Oneshots that can also be find on my ao3 (cobra_kai_parker)
You Fell Through The Cracks of My Hands by AlittleKittyCat21
You Fell Through The Cracks of 小猫 ꀘıɬɬყᑕᗩɬ
Daniel looks up, and it looks like he was going to murder him straight in the middle of the Mexican restaurant. "John, stop." Knowing that he shouldn't have br...
I Love Him, Dad ( MiguelxRobby)  by Dxnandphil_trxsh
I Love Him, Dad ( MiguelxRobby) by Sky
Mortal enemies turned lovers with twists thrown in their world to make life more interesting. Like...a baby?
Depression by Greaser2003
Depressionby Micheal
"My mind tells me I am not needed and I am feeling like its true..."
Surprise  by LawRussoFive
Surprise by 𝙳 𝙾 𝙽 𝙽 𝙰
Una gran sorpresa fue guardada para Johnny, ¿Cómo se lo tomará? Estreno:19/01/2020 Concluido: Actualización de portada: 07/02/2021
What Happens in the Closet Stays in the Closet by cobra_kai_parker
What Happens in the Closet Stays cobra_kai_parker
Johnny and Daniel are forced into a closet at a party by Dutch. What could go wrong?
My escape // Tobby by 80smoviekid
My escape // Tobbyby 80's kid
The one escape they had from there bad situation was each other
Hitchhiking  by KennyTheGaySnake
Hitchhiking by Asher 🐸
i suck at descriptions so just read the story to find out what happens. all i will tell you is that its a lawrusso fic
The Last Kingdom's Karate Kid by Nathjud
The Last Kingdom's Karate Kidby lawrusso’sfangirl
The show and movie crossover where life's different on where Johnny firsts meets Daniel LaRusso on a different scenario. When Aethelflaed first time travels to the futur...
A Kreese And Mr. Miyagi Fanfic  by Nathjud
A Kreese And Mr. Miyagi Fanfic by lawrusso’sfangirl
Daniel and Johnny both discover who is dating Mr. Miyagi, so they set out to spy on them. Later on, things turn into marriage and a miracle baby on the way.
the real story of ali and johnny  by lylaxjxhnny
the real story of ali and johnny by lyla⭑༅*⭑・
you are ali in the story !! you have a different relationship with johnny than in the movies. compare it with the original karate kid movie/movies !! ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*...
Danielle by gaycrepes
Danielleby 𝓥
Johnny and Daniel argue as usual, leading to a lot of questions with unexplainable answers. Will Johnny and Daniel put their differences aside or will Daniel's secret ch...
The Outsiders Roleplay Book by lonelyandobsessed
The Outsiders Roleplay Bookby ObessedAndNotDepressed
Just a bunch of gay ships from the outsiders and karate kid, made into a cringey roleplay thing. Comment on the chapter if you want to roleplay. (guidelines in chapter o...
The Secret by lylaxjxhnny
The Secretby lyla⭑༅*⭑・
the love story of Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence. a true lawrusso story. <3 dt: emily because we are making it together <33
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai One-Shots by 80vibe
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai One-Shotsby 80svibe
Just a bunch of small stories in the Cobra Kai/Karate Kid universe, most of them are/contain Lawrusso (Daniel X Johnny) (Cover not by me) I do not own Karate Kid or Cobr...
My Ships one-shots. (Completed!) by Multi_Fandom07
My Ships one-shots. (Completed!)by erika hart
Just all of my favorite ships and one-shots of them. My ships are gayyyyyy (like me 🤠🤓), but maybe once in a blue moon (a request) there will be a hetero ship. But unt...
King Alfred's Cobra Kai  by Nathjud
King Alfred's Cobra Kai by lawrusso’sfangirl
King Alfred time travels into the future and sees that Bishop Heahmund needs his help to learn karate. Along the way, Bishop Heahmund meets new friends as Alfred's Cobra...