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The Bad Boy Next Door- COMPLETED by unkn0wnx3
The Bad Boy Next Door- COMPLETEDby Peter pan
When Kylie loses everything and becomes pretty reckless shes sent to live with her aunt and her bestfriend Bobby thinking that things are going to be completely boring s...
Monster Musume: Mending Broken Hearts by Silver_Skyes
Monster Musume: Mending Broken ~Silvertear~
Kimihito has passed away, and Smith has to find a new host for the girls- or perhaps hostess? Mao was Kimihito's sole childhood friend, and though she is shy, she has a...
A weapon is my crush | YamiXReader by HaremXRomance
A weapon is my crush | YamiXReaderby HaremXRomance
(Y/N) is a smart boy. He's attending the Sainan High now and goes to the first class alongside the alien girls. He's sitting next to the Golden Darkness called Yami and...
My golden Girl| YamiXReader by HaremXRomance
My golden Girl| YamiXReaderby HaremXRomance
This will be a ReaderXYami story. Before you start reading I want to say that I could build in elements from other series. The most important is that you have special sk...
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Notice me | MomoXReader by HaremXRomance
Notice me | MomoXReaderby HaremXRomance
(Y/N) is the cousin of Rito. They never talked that much on family events or played together. They just had different interests. One day (Y/N)'s parents decided to fly a...
One Shot : Support System by Pacific_Deer
One Shot : Support Systemby Pacific Deer
(18+) Datang ke Ibukota dengan membawa harapan untuk menjadi seorang entertainer, Lala perlahan mengerti jika hidup tak selamanya mudah. Dalam kariernya, ia membutuhkan...
Crazy love | NemesisXReader by HaremXRomance
Crazy love | NemesisXReaderby HaremXRomance
(Y/N), a human in love with a transweapon. Nemesis and (Y/N) are attending the same class alongside the other four aliens. Sharing the same school with Rito Yuki and eve...
Girls STILL love Beyoncé  by _NiceforWhat
Girls STILL love Beyoncé by Melanin_Monroe
Since the original got taken down , let's get back into the adventures of Beyoncé and JAY-Z and the ups and downs of having an open marriage
Slendytubbies lll ((Reader Insert)) by DraikaTheDragon
Slendytubbies lll ((Reader Insert))by Draika The Dragon
"We all know what's going to happen. A girl mysteriously shows up in teletubby land and has to go through the whole game to get back home.'re right....s...
Evermore (Vampire Knight fanfiction.) by oreoisgod
Evermore (Vampire Knight Anna Karina.
Resha Valentine, born as the strongest of them all, born to fall in love with Kaname Kuran since they're inseparable since they were young, people said they'd make a per...
Taste Of Goodbye [Under Revision] by benpiresss
Taste Of Goodbye [Under Revision]by B.C SON
Goodbyes are where people parted ways. Sometimes they come back; sometimes they don't; and sometimes...forever. And in that three options, we ought to choose the first o...
Chapter From my Diary by Lala_Sha
Chapter From my Diaryby Shaisaaa_
This is the book on every chapter you will be given a difficult decision, which on every chapter you turn will present you to the truth, Chapter that you'll never unders...
Truyện nhỏ nhà Khánh Jack by Ao1912
Truyện nhỏ nhà Khánh Jackby AnhThư
Hai cậu ấm nhà này khiến tui chỉ muốn ship điên cuồng ship a~~~ai trên ai dưới biết rồi hé.
Even Though  by Am_Cham_123
Even Though by Am~Cham
Even though he loves her, he has to let her go. Even though Lulu is defeated, who released her. Even though Lala is back are things still the same. If you wanna know rea...
Academt Of Five Peaks by FrizzBlue
Academt Of Five Peaksby Mr Bean
Two hundred years ago demons from hell ravaged the world.They came for earth, killing and destroying the place humans had lived in, not stopping for anything or anyone. ...
What If by Am_Cham_123
What Ifby Am~Cham
What if Lala never woke up. What if she fades out of everyone memories? What if she never existed? What if she wakes up and has no memory? Change all these what ifs to i...
Monster Musume Male Reader One Shots! by GoldenAbyss619
Monster Musume Male Reader One Austin Adkins
Various one shots featuring YOU and the monster girls from Monster Musume! No Lemons. Sorry I don't do those. Just slight lemons.
The Strongest Human (To Love RU X Male OC) by The_Fallen_King
The Strongest Human (To Love RU Noir Fallen
Yuuki Riku, adopted brother of Yuuki Riko (yes rito is a girl in this story) and Mikan, however, he is no ordinary human, born with powers that could destroy worlds, no...
Living with the Enemy by tiana123
Living with the Enemyby Tiana
Jamie has been trying to cope with her father's death since 7th grade. But now in 10th grade, her mom is making it a lot harder by marrying her worst enemy's father. PS...
Bad Boys by swazzleberry
Bad Boysby swazzleberry
{COMPLETED} Kyle was just Kyle. No last name, no family, no past. It was simple that way. It was easy. Or at least it was easier than Daniel, who died the very day the o...