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Misplaced Angel (Slowly Editing) by Angie8177
Misplaced Angel (Slowly Editing)by Angie8177
A fierce Knight... Known for his victorious battles on the field by day and his prowess by night, Lord Duncan of Chaswick, fierce Knight and Warrior had no idea how mu...
The Highlander by bloodxlove
The Highlanderby Sammy Birch
When Rosaline Perriwell visited a psychic, the last thing she expected was to get thrown back centuries in time, and into the Scottish highlands. Stuck in the past, she...
Historical Fiction Stories of Wattpad by hfelicia
Historical Fiction Stories of hfelicia
A collection of the best historical fiction stories I've read so far! You're welcome to send me any suggestions on your favourite historical fiction story and I might ad...
Broken Northerner by KaaLeeChary
Broken Northernerby Thalia Khaleesi
*** She knew her life would change the moment she was taken. He knew his life would change the moment he saw her. Join Sorcha and Brochan's love story as memories of th...
The Highlander's Lady (Book Two of the Highlander Possession Series) by foreverhopeful
The Highlander's Lady (Book Two Savannah K. Vining
When Graham Ruskin, heartbroken and in mere misery for losing the one woman he loved, finds himself walking the streets of his estate, he does not expect to find another...
The Clansman's Touch by foutainclasic
The Clansman's Touchby ly daily
Lady Kira has been sent to marry Laird McDonna by her father to unite the clans together. But with Lady Kira's determination for salvation and Laird McDonna's known crue...
The Laird's Wife - Medieval Romance by LadyGrace91
The Laird's Wife - Medieval Romanceby Gracie Williams
Marrying Ross MacKinley, Briana never thought she would ever find a more perfect husband. And everything was going perfectly until she found out that Scotland was at war...
Lost by Ally1009
Lostby Ally1009
Sarah's an average teenager but when she gets kidnapped her world's turned upside down. Not knowing where she is and wondering if she is going to survive. This is Sarah'...
Finding Amber by FleetingFancy
Finding Amberby FleetingFancy
Eion MacRurir is known to be many things, a caring man is not one of them. But when a mysterious baby appears at the annual highland games, that all changes.
Memory Mistake by AngelNatari
Memory Mistakeby AngelNatari
Dana is the Personal Assistant to the last heir of the McLaughlin family and she has done everything for him, almost. Moving from America to Scotland was more for resear...
Falling for the captain of the drum line  by madisonqueen123
Falling for the captain of the madisonqueen123
I am Smith twin sister. Laird was the captain of the drum line . Will they fill in love
Name of Bliss by thaliadrabek
Name of Blissby thaliadrabek
After Elíana Enquist is attacked by her uncle, she runs away. She knows that her uncle will be searching for her, and decides that disguising herself as a young man will...