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something changed // billie eilish by dummyeilish
something changed // billie eilishby taylor :) 🏳️‍🌈
billie eilish is a 18 year old girl who's a famous singer around the world. she has everything. money, fame, and the best voice out there. when she's on the last day of...
Camren Texts - Hollie  by hollieadams27
Camren Texts - Hollie by hollieee :)
5h were never a thing however Ally,Normani and Lauren Are friends and Camila and Dinah are bestfriends. A text was sent from Camila to Lauren, from there on all 5 girls...
The New Girl - Camren by Emisonislifee
The New Girl - Camrenby Bean
Camila Cabello is in a group of very popular girls; Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, Melanie Martinez, and Ariana Grande. Camila's never dated anybody, despite t...
The Monster - Camren by Emisonislifee
The Monster - Camrenby Bean
Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital; newest patient, Lauren Jauregui.
Undercover  by MACattack2003
Undercover by Myckeeli
Lauren has a secret, a big one at that. She moved to L.A at 14 with her cousin Ally, where her old life ended and her new one began. When she returns to her home town of...
Kyriana One-Shots by Emisonislifee
Kyriana One-Shotsby Bean
Twitter DM's most likely brought you here, but if it didn't and you're wondering why in the hell I'm writing one-shots for Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande; just shhhhhhh...
stand by me - a camren story via insta by taterrthot
stand by me - a camren story via jordan
Camila Cabello is known as the classic fuck girl around the Florida State University. But what happens when she meets the one and only Lauren Jauregui over Instagram, wh...