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"Thats the same person?" by djkdmdhd
"Thats the same person?"by djkdmdhd
(I don't own any of the pictures or videos in this story,all the credits go to the rightful owners.I don't own bnha either.) ----------------------------- Izuku Midoriya...
Protagonist- Koji Koda x Platonic!Reader by MLB224
Protagonist- Koji Koda x Platonic...by 𝐿𝑒💍𝓃𝒾𝑒*
Book Cover by my baby sis: @_mxlkysaii Every hero story you've ever read has that same defining feature; the hero is always hot, sexy, cool, amazing, smart, powerful, bl...
కꪑꪮƙꫀ ᭙ꫀꫀᦔ ꫀꪜꫀꪹꪗᦔꪖꪗ by dom_kageyama
కꪑꪮƙꫀ ᭙ꫀꫀᦔ ꫀꪜꫀꪹꪗᦔꪖꪗby 𝓓𝓸𝓵𝓵
very ooc with my oc characters i don't own bnha characters tho
~Spin the bottle~ Bnha x reader  by _boom_boom_boi_
~Spin the bottle~ Bnha x reader by _boom_boom_boi_
This is a one-shot book of class 1-A x fem! reader
mha chatfic by OatmealVirgin
mha chatficby Milk
uhhh idk what to put in here cause i suck at making summaries..this is probably gonna suck but like who cares. enjoy my shitty chatfic and hope you don't d!e from cringy...
BNHA ZODIAC BOOK (Discontinued) by LoliGlaceon312
BNHA ZODIAC BOOK (Discontinued)by am coot 🌟
this may or may not be accurate so pls forgive me if this offends you in any way, i am just stating things based off of my own experiences and knowledge about them Will...
BNHA: The  Rise of Quirkless Hero by Heroes2020
BNHA: The Rise of Quirkless Heroby HypeBeast
People are not born equal. Since the dawn of time the strong have prayed the weak to empower themselves, be it dinosaurs, animals, or people. But over time humans have f...
•~Chat 1-A~• by Zanelix
•~Chat 1-A~•by Zanelix
So The Class Decided To Make A Group Chat For Many Reasons (Requesting Help,Spreading Info,Etc.). Let's See What They Used It For.
Todoroki and Class 1~A by kernce444
Todoroki and Class 1~Aby Hope~Chan
As the title says it will be Todoroki getting to know his Class (and maybe more in the future :D ) Also Warning as Bakugou (obviously) swears
Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Rider Build: The Genius Hero (OVA) by Fenix1475
Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Ride...by Fenix1475
OVA's for the story and possibly the Movie as well.
My Angry Broccoli by Lilac_Fireglade
My Angry Broccoliby sugar_cloud
Deku had enough of Bakugou's lackeys picking on him when Bakugou isn't around and makes a decision to move to America for a couple of years. when he gets back he makes a...
Kouda Apreciation Book UWU by Ksaplayz
Kouda Apreciation Book UWUby UwUKawaii365
This book is about loving and appreciating Kouda from My Hero Academia. We dont show much to our sweet purebeany~ 💕
Bnha Headcanons by toxxicsakura
Bnha Headcanonsby House Of Mineta
Some of my headcanons for the various characters of bnha.
Class 1-gay by lewd_Bullshit
Class 1-gayby yee🏳️‍🌈yee
(Nonsense with some sause👌) very LGBTQ+ also Big gay and deku is ✨done✨ (Rewrite if y saw it bro)
BNHA x Reader - Preferences, Scenarios and Headcannons by SpaceLionSushi
BNHA x Reader - Preferences, Scena...by Sushiiii
Starting this for the shits and giggles of it, cause why not?? Requests are always open for these Includes: • Gender neutral reader unless specified otherwise • Head ca...
Bnha ×Reader One-shot [Requests are open ♡] by Himko_Toga123
Bnha ×Reader One-shot [Requests ar...by Emy
Faster updates than the other story
BNHA Ask Or Dare (HIATUS)  by Discount-Panda
BNHA Ask Or Dare (HIATUS) by Pan-DUH
I don't really see any Bnha ask or dare so i thought why not. BTW there will be randomness, Yaoi and Yuri please leave a dare a comment and possibly vote. Hiatus till I...
BNHA ff by shnschk
BNHA ffby shinsaichika
This is NOT an x reader Smuts🔞 Fluffs💜 Oneshots Imagines❤️ and any other ideas i could think of I will be only making it for the male fictional characters only Started...
Max by AngelDemonPrincess
Maxby AngelDemonPrincess
This is about a girl who is different from everybody else. She's not like any ordinary girl. She is what scientists call "Diclonius'. They say that they are human l...
Bnha 1-A boys x reader (oneshots) by -Kissu-
Bnha 1-A boys x reader (oneshots)by (☆^ー^☆)
Hey! If your reading this you're interested, right? Well, this is a one-shot book for 1-A males x reader, the reader will be a female unless requested otherwise! Reque...