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Queen of Hearts #killthecliche by WhiskeyJaneDoe
Queen of Hearts #killtheclicheby Jane Doe
Learn the truth about Alice in Wonderland. Not every story has a happy ending. COMPLETED SHORT STORY A/N: This is an entry for the #killthecliche challenge hosted by @da...
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Alpha's mate (Kill the Cliché)  by shanibhani
Alpha's mate (Kill the Cliché) by 👑Nia_Shan👑
Short story. Myra was no fool. She'd known his guy wasn't human. From the way he'd looked at her to the sparks he'd felt when he'd touched her. Being a passionate Super...
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Seeking Alister by nive1403
Seeking Alisterby nive1403
she is the the princess of gatrish kingdom who don't want to get married so, she escaped. what will happen when she was the one to save the wizarding world from the enem...
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Anything & Everything   ||  SHORT STORY COLLECTION by nutmeggu
Anything & Everything || Mae Gi
A collection of short stories and oneshots (BTS, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and original work) -- Also keen to accept requests!
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It Started With A Band by eecha488
It Started With A Bandby eecha488
You need to know that it was never supposed to go like this. We're fans. The BIGGEST fans. I mean... we love them, and we never meant for it to happen. All we planned wa...
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Their Unrequited Love by ShardaPandit4
Their Unrequited Loveby Sharda Pandit
" He loves me, Payal!" Payal's heart thudded in her chest and she tentatively asked her friend," And you?" Naina laughed and said," Of course I...
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Love in the time of Quarantine by RoaleeyRyan
Love in the time of Quarantineby Roaleey Ryan
I have been in love with her for the past two years, her name is Kiara Duwe and she doesn't even know who I am! I would see her every day, the girl I'm in love with. Sh...
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Death Wish by The_UnlovedOne
Death Wishby TheUnlovedOne
Veera Smoke was hired to torture Rael Marks, the innocent tech genius and hacker. Only he has the skills to hack into the government files and delete the file on the und...
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A little,less and nothing by laralappa
A little,less and nothingby Sadia Marjan
A cold breeze touched Marsa's skin like a sharp knife as if it was ready to rip her soul out too, just like the others. She had enough of the drama of this stupid life,h...
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Infatuation by emo_hades
Infatuationby Anannya
An internationally famed journalist comes with an aim to the city of Delhi. However, the events that take place during the trip change him forever.
Kill the Cliché Challenge by dangerouslove
Kill the Cliché Challengeby Dangerous Love
We all know those cliché stories in which the good always win, the king and queen live happily ever after, the characters don't need to go to the police when something b...
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