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Rejection kills by _Rose_Gold
Rejection killsby Hannah Jones
"No you're not!" he shouts "You'll live... You have to! You're my mate" "Yes I am and the sooner you get that through your head the easier it w...
The Yandere duo by YandereIdeas
The Yandere duoby SunsetSummerz
In which the two yanderes unite. Might be discontinued :( sorry
Texting Harry styles {completed} by directioner13_hs
Texting Harry styles {completed}by Directioner13
When Shannon think she's just texting her friend she will get the shock of life when she realises she's texting one of the members of the biggest boy band on the plane...
The Archangel's Daughter (Book 1 of The Angel Chronicles) EDITING PROCESS by Triszjhkha
The Archangel's Daughter (Book 1 Alpha.Female.Buttercup
What if God gave you another chance to live, not as a mortal, but as an angel... an angel of death. Huntress Matthews, the violet eyed girl, never knew what a normal lif...
Slashers x Reader Oneshots by hello-mishamigo
Slashers x Reader Oneshotsby hello-mishamigo
Welcome to my book of Slasher Oneshots. Here you'll see oneshots of many slasher icons. I do hope you'll like what is inside. Yes, requests are open.
Thanks To You -Spencer Charnas by l3xf3rg
Thanks To You -Spencer Charnasby ❌🖤❌🖤❌🖤❌
"I just don't understand why you keep doing this to me?" I say crying out. He looks up at me. "I just want to be able to care for you," ...
Eirlo University by eksoelllll
Eirlo Universityby D I A N E
Eyz Miracle Sarino is a badass. She punched and kicked. Fighting is her hobby. Slap her and she will punch you. Curse her and she will kick you. Because of her badass a...
Scattered - Tangled series (Overprotective famous brothers) by MusicMyLife
Scattered - Tangled series ( That Girl
Three overprotective, famous elder brothers? Check. Being Adopted? Check. Having a mysterious past? Check. Elite Gymnastics and Music? Check. Being in the Limelight...
Your Horror Movie Survival Guide by callalilly1
Your Horror Movie Survival Guideby Calla
Since no one can figure this out, here's a guide to surviving in a horror movie. READ BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!!!!!!
Target: Wilford Warfstache by nightninja456
Target: Wilford Warfstacheby Ezra Garza
Wilford Warfstache, an egotistical man with a pink mustache, has found his way on Ms. Mason's killing list. But when things go wrong and not only do the people who hire...
Zombie Island by aestaethyc
Zombie Islandby 【nishinoyashoto】
[ Zombie Island ] Ten teenagers in one dangerous island. *** Island? Danger? Safe? Death? Ordinary? Zombies? What will happen to them in that island? Would they succeed...
Mad. // h.s [short story] ✓ by callmeLu
Mad. // h.s [short story] ✓by Luana [long hiatus]
❝I had the craziest dream last night about this boy, dark wings, beautiful features but, oh he's mad, he's so mad..❞ © callmeLu. all rights reserved.
Anime one-shots by dedication_kills
Anime one-shotsby (I have a name. It's just not...
(They range from boyxboy (yaoi) to boyxgirl or just completely random ^^) Anime one shots I've written for the heck of it. Some are happy, some sad, some heart warming...
He's Mine, Bitch! (Editing) by Peace_644
He's Mine, Bitch! (Editing)by P. E. A. C. E.
"Every girl has to become a bitch to fight another slut for her jerk." I guessed it right? Anyways, this story is about a badass girl who is damn shy (this is...
Michael B. Jordan: Unconditional Love by Shayquanna03
Michael B. Jordan: Unconditional bädbihhhshäy🗣
"Why you run back to a Man who beat on you" Michael asked I didn't even know how to answer that myself. I was just stupid in the head. I don't know why but I...
Love Kills (emo bxb) by my_version_of_life
Love Kills (emo bxb)by Mïštíë
Frankie Zanik hasn't smiled since the death of his previous boyfriend, Derek. But when a new emo boy transfers to Frankie's school and shares the same exact personalitie...
He's Mine by HinataFanFictionS
He's Mineby ~Cinnamon~Roll~
He's mine. Only mine. And anyone who gets in my way deserves to be... Removed. Hinata was extremely in love with Kageyama, but he didn't know how to tell him. One day as...
Amnesia [Completed/Editing] by illuminated_
Amnesia [Completed/Editing]by ℓιℓℓу
"TO BE A MURDERER CAN BE QUITE SIMPLE WHEN NO ONE SUSPECTS THE PERSON THAT HAS AMNESIA." mystery/thriller | horror | twisted romance description inside... *Cu...
The Quiet is Deadly but Silence Kills ~ A Ninjago Fanfiction by iMayBeObsessed
The Quiet is Deadly but Silence Queen of Angst 𓆉
People mistake someone who is quiet for someone who has nothing to say. Really, they are just waiting for the right moment. A moment that might kill. [Completed - Prequ...
Assassins Club by Farouche37000
Assassins Clubby Riri-Inazuma
Ces derniers temps plusieurs meurtres on eût lieu, alors un jeune groupe de policiers vont devoir enquêté sur ces mystérieux meurtres mais une chose en entraînant une au...