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The Mute Boy And The New Kid {Kellic} by kelliccc
The Mute Boy And The New Kid { Sirens🤍
~Kellin Quinn is mute by choice; he hasn't talked to anyone in 3 years... But when I short Mexican boy moves into this large city, will Kellin find a reason to talk agai...
Comfortably Numb (Kellic) by permanently-yours
Comfortably Numb (Kellic)by Exhale Desire
Nothing kills a man faster than his own head. When you're falling apart at the seams, who's going to be there to sew you back together? [Unedited]
Kellic// Rainy Days by kellicslife
Kellic// Rainy Daysby ;)
(Completed) One rainy day, Kellin met Vic. Who knew that one little mexican boy could change Kellin's whole life
Chasing Rainbows ➳ Kellic by vic-fuentes-is-god
Chasing Rainbows ➳ Kellicby vic-fuentes-is-god
Vic is a shy boy who feels he doesn't quite belong. He feels alone in the world. While on the other hand, Kellin is the new boy who can never escape being the centre of...
Let's Break the Rules by _ambergroff
Let's Break the Rulesby Amber
Everyone knows Vic Fuentes, every guy wants to be him and every girl wants him. Kellin Quinn is quite the opposite, no one pays attention to him and he likes to keep it...
no regrets // kellic by vicisbae
no regrets // kellicby vicisbae
During an unexpected doctor's visit, Kellin Quinn is informed that he has a number of days to live, after being diagnosed with a severe case of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopat...
Fade  by TheGreenJocker
Fade by TheGreenJocker
Meet the Fuentes family: Inga Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, and Jose Fuentes who moved from Arizona to Michigan to start fresh. Little did they know they are going...
One Hundred Sleepless Nights by scarletspectrum
One Hundred Sleepless Nightsby scarletspectrum
Vic Fuentes is a prince. On top of his rather sucky life, he has a recurring nightmare every night. What is causing this dream? Will it ever stop?
Hand In Hand: Teeth In Neck by fiftysixx
Hand In Hand: Teeth In Neckby fiftysixx
Life's hard when you find out the guy who likes you is a vampire. A Kellic (Kellin Quinn x Vic Fuentes) Fanfiction.
How Unfortunate by VaehBean
How Unfortunateby Vert
so kellin and vic go to the same school, but vic wouldn't be able to keep his rep dating one of the few gay boys in school, even if he is best friends with all of his re...
Vacation by scarletspectrum
Vacationby scarletspectrum
Kellin Quinn is finally released from the hell hole that is school. But when Kellin goes on vacation to San Diego, what will happen when he meets who could possible be t...
I Came Out To Have A Good Time (Kellic) by vic-fuentes-is-god
I Came Out To Have A Good Time ( vic-fuentes-is-god
...and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now. Vic and Kellin have been best friend forever, but Kellin has been hiding something from him. When Kellin finally comes...
Collide with the Sky (Kellic) by vic-fuentes-is-god
Collide with the Sky (Kellic)by vic-fuentes-is-god
(This story is based on the Pierce The Veil album Collide with the Sky, and each chapter will follow a song) Kellin has lots of troubles in his life, especially since hi...
porphyria (boyxboy) by twisted-personas
porphyria (boyxboy)by joey
He was worthy and so was I, so we stayed together for eternity. // kellic; warning of stalking
Bulletproof Love  by iluvmusic323
Bulletproof Love by ..
Sequel for My Brother's Boyfriend. If you haven't read My Brother's Boyfriend don't read this one. Beautiful cover made by: @Actually_Kelah_
Lost In The Smoke (Kellic) by KellinsDevilHorns
Lost In The Smoke (Kellic)by cass
Kellin is cursed. Vic is a drug dealer but doesn't like it. He likes Kellin. Vic helps Kellin with his curse and life. Will it be enough? Vic trys to get close to Kelli...
there's so much beauty in a storm » k.q + v.f by holykellic
there's so much beauty in a ・゜。 * 。・゜ミ★
[COMPLETE] kellin is a graveyard goer. vic is a dead boy who tries his best not to become attached and let his true emotions run free. 15,615 words ©astraljeon
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Chicken // Kellic Oneshot by satansspecialsomeone
Chicken // Kellic Oneshotby Ya Boy Blue
"Y'know, we kinda got a little bit past 'taking this game of gay chicken too seriously when you took your pants off, but I'm cool with that." Vic Fuentes and K...
Blind Affection ~ Kellic Boyxboy by MySinsTonight
Blind Affection ~ Kellic Boyxboyby Eren
Kellin is a loner who tries to stay out of relationships and away from people. He thinks life is bad and will never get better until he meets a blind man named: Vic. He...
SCARS - a Kellic au by drowninginmyownmind
SCARS - a Kellic auby drowninginmyownmind
a Kellin Quinn (from the band Sleeping With Sirens) x Vic Fuentes (from Pierce The Veil) fanfiction/ au ----- I should probably be putting a trigger warning at the top h...