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Chagall's Daydream *EDITING by inlustrxs
Chagall's Daydream *EDITINGby Kiera
Going through some edits, so no updates soon Alix "Monster" Koochaki, the young CEO of the multi-billion dollar corporation, Resurrect, has gotten some rather...
An Acknowledgement by PigmanMovie
An Acknowledgementby PigmanMovie
It's a about a guy name Kelix, who is paranoid and anxious after first time witnessing their family member pass away (father and mother). he is paranoid and afraid that...
Rebels Oc Requests! by Max_Kingston
Rebels Oc Requests!by Max Kingston
Request Oc oneshots with any of the characters from Starfighter!!! I will attempt to update every weekend and if that's not possible then I'll do it every other week!!! ...
Break You Down {Kelix Fic} by skeletonxclique
Break You Down {Kelix Fic}by Kelix Trash
Sixteen year old Kevin had lived in an adoption home for the past four years of his life, until a family adopted him right before Christmas. Kevin is obviously overjoyed...
You're A Monster (Kelix) by Sky__kollision
You're A Monster (Kelix)by Sky__kollision
Kevin and Alix have finally made their relationship official. Everything seems to be okay, but will they be able to handle the many obstacles that will come their way? T...
Mayday! (A Ghost Town Fanfiction) by TheUnusualGhost
Mayday! (A Ghost Town Fanfiction)by TheUnusualGhost
After Kevin falls off stage during a concert things go from bad to worse. Written from Alix's POV
Teenage Angst by underwrxps
Teenage Angstby Kayla
Everyone's got teen angst. It happens. Especially when the world really is out to get you, but you're too young to know the secrets being kept from you. For now, you're...
His Name's Not Alice by underwrxps
His Name's Not Aliceby Kayla
Wonderland has been unvisited for many many years. So long, in fact, that the storied characters have had great grandchildren and the kingdom is ruled in unison by the W...
Essences and Such by underwrxps
Essences and Suchby Kayla
This is mainly for my Wattpad readers to see the information easier! I reference the existence of Essences a lot in my stories as its a concept I created originating in...
Falling For Pewds by kthequeen
Falling For Pewdsby FlawlessJBiebs
Kylie was new to being popular on youtube, she was known as SmileyKylie and her followers where the Smilers. Her idol was of course the one and only, Pewdiepie. She alwa...
The Perfect Tragedy (Kelix) by Sky__kollision
The Perfect Tragedy (Kelix)by Sky__kollision
Kevin McCullough and Alix Koochaki are best friends, and have been for almost their entire lives. They are 2/4 of their band, Ghost Town. After the We Are Savages Tour c...
Perfect For You (Ghost Town/Kelix) by TheUnusualGhost
Perfect For You (Ghost Town/Kelix)by TheUnusualGhost
Kevin is going through some hard times, will Alix be able to help them and rekindle their relationship or is it and Kevin lost forever. A Kelix fic
What are these so-called "One-Shots"? by whoisdanclermont
What are these so-called " whoisdanclermont
Disclaimer(I don't know if I'm supposed to put this here or not): I don't own any of these people/characters. Also, there is a high change their personalities will chang...
What The Ocean Has To Offer by underwrxps
What The Ocean Has To Offerby Kayla
There are many myths that exist in the world. But in a world where people are gifted with Essences and therefore powers, most myths always are, to an extent, believable...
Ghost Town Fics & One-Shots|-Ghxst- by TheGhxstInYou
Ghost Town Fics & One-Shots|-Ghxst-by -Ghxst-
(Mostly Kev) A lot of kinky, strange and NSFW fics that shouldn't be even allowed on Wattpad. This includes all kinds of porn. You've been warned.