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Classroom of the Elite: Alter - Self-Test by Izaya-Hasegawa
Classroom of the Elite: Alter - Se...by Yukina
In this timeline, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka will attend the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School with the goal of living a high school peaceful. However, he also...
ANHS : Class S by -Sponge_Bob-
ANHS : Class Sby Š-_-B
In this story, Kiyotaka along with seven other 4th generation survivors will attend ANHS. Their class will be seperated and they will be challenged against other classes...
The Girls Of Cote React by RafaelYasuko
The Girls Of Cote Reactby Rafael
basically only the girls will react to the ln/anime they will see the behind the scenes Y2 v4.5 Kiyo and kei aren't dating. And the class poll exam did not happen update...
"COTE-KEIxKIYO" by YuzuruOtonashi6
"COTE-KEIxKIYO"by Yuzuru Otonashi
This is my first work in an online platform.Please pardon my mistakes.Don't know if you guys will like the content.But you can try it right?? ..A simple romance between...
𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉 [Ayanokouji X Yandere Kei] by Exotic_Animator
𝕷𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉 [Ayanokouji X Y...by Exotic_Animator
"I will kill anyone who dares to step between us... You are only mine!" ''Kei....it's 2 in the morning, go back to bed.'' ''Ah Mou! Kiyotaka you bully! Don't h...
COTE: I will rule this School (On Hiatus) by Overflag
COTE: I will rule this School (On...by Overflag
in this route , Ayanokouji will not be holding back however he wont be using only wits, he will be using force and fear. Respected by His allies , and Feared by his enem...
Classroom of the Elite Reaction: Past and Future by kiyopooooonn
Classroom of the Elite Reaction: P...by kiyopooooonn
In the blink of an eye, everyone in the ship disappears. Gone. Except for the students of Metropolitan Advance Nurturing High School. There are students, but not one sin...
Classroom of The Elite FanFic: Ayanokoji The Lucky bastard by user89814429
Classroom of The Elite FanFic: Aya...by Sentimental_Man
What if Ayanokoji Kiyotaka is a dumb nice guy who has the maximum luck stat. What if Kiyotaka uses only his luck power to survive in ANHS. He will not hide his ability...
Classroom of the Elite: Reincarnation In His World by Vanitas-Kun
Classroom of the Elite: Reincarnat...by Vanitas
The story I decided to write is an interesting one. The story starts as it shows the mc having a conversation with god, who had accidentally killed him, so he asks the...
Classroom of the elite (Reaction) by 545876544vnhgff
Classroom of the elite (Reaction)by 545876544vnhgff
Typical reaction of students to Ayanokoji. (+ Tachibana and Manabu)
OP Kiyone COTE by Nagavignesh
OP Kiyone COTEby Nagavignesh
*WARNING* Kiyone (female Kiyotaka) will be very very OP , has impossible and inhumane abilities such as calculating all possible positions in chess(which is impossible a...
Radiators are my only weakness (Classroom of the elite x oc) by PirateQueen14
Radiators are my only weakness (Cl...by PirateQueen14
I know everything about boring things like science but what I want to know is, what is pain? What does it feel like? So I can finally understand her and what is a burrit...
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!) by FictionalAuthor14
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!)by FictionalAuthor14
It's been 3 years since they graduated from class A.After overcoming different obstacles,they married in secret and now the time has come for a School Reunion. What are...
KiyoKei: Irreplaceable by zaizenkai
KiyoKei: Irreplaceableby Zaizen Kai
A Kiyotaka x Kei (kiyokei) fanfic. Kiyotaka no longer views Kei as a tool or textbook to love. Emotions spark inside him that he didn't know even existed. I don't own C...
KiyoKei : The Swap by Crystalcursed
KiyoKei : The Swapby Eraquin
A day after Ayanokoji confessed to her, Karuizawa Kei wakes up on a bed.But the problem is that the bed does not belong to her.She is in her boyfriend's room.She looks i...
COTE | | Bound | | [Suzune x Kiyotaka] by Ayanokoji-Kyun
COTE | | Bound | | [Suzune x Kiyot...by Ayanokoji-Kyun
| | BOUND | | [Suzune x Kiyotaka] ~ Snippet of Chapter 1 ~ "Ayanokoji." She suddenly said my name with such determination that it almost scared me - key word:...
Classroom Of The Elite: Reaction  by Animus_Writer
Classroom Of The Elite: Reaction by Animus
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka's life hasn't been easy. After being placed in the white room for an experiment by his father during most of his childhood, he eventually managed to...
Classroom of the Revenge by Nazariat12
Classroom of the Revengeby Nazariat
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, a peculiar boy going to Advanced Nurturing High School (ANHS), sets out on a journey to find out what revenge is in order for him to determine if he...