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I'm Engaged To My Teacher 『Len X Reader』  by sqp_xx
I'm Engaged To My Teacher 『Len X R...by Nad
[DISCONTINUED] Teacher Len x Student reader She never thought that to fulfill her dream to be a mangaka she must marry a man she doesn't know. And she never thought th...
Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader] by SoLongAndGoodnight12
Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader]by SoLongAndGoodnight12
(Y/n) is a lonely girl. She has a broken home, no friends, you can guess the rest. The only thing that keeps her together is music. She's an amazing pianist and singer...
Say you love me again [Kagamine Len x Reader] by Selene_xXxXx
Say you love me again [Kagamine Le...by Selḗnē
(y/n) (l/n), a beautiful young woman at the age of 19, thought she couldn't be happier. She was working for her best friends, which were also known as Vocaloids by every...
You're mine (Kagamine Len x Reader LEMON🍋🍋) by -Hotcocoa-
You're mine (Kagamine Len x Reader...by -Yli-
This is my first story so just deal with it lol. any suggestions of the story is fine.feel free to comment anything you want before the great wall of trump invades us.
Project Sekai Oneshot Collection (On Hold + Requests Closed!) by CV24AndreaKagamine
Project Sekai Oneshot Collection (...by CV24AndreaKagamine
Idk what to put here, but the title says it all. Enjoy reading!
I Can Be Seen |GoM x Kuroko  by Uncreativity101
I Can Be Seen |GoM x Kuroko by Uncreativity101
Kuroko no Basket (at first story) group chat! I lost motivation for a story but now it's a group chat with GoM (+Kagami) x Kuroko. No update schedule.
The real Miracles by Emily_rose3036239
The real Miraclesby Emily_rose3036239
After brutally defeating the other team in the championship hinata leaves Tokyo and vows never to play basket ball again. He runs away and joins the karasuno volley ball...
✓ | Soda Candy | RuiKasa | Project Sekai by justamethyst3
✓ | Soda Candy | RuiKasa | Project...by Mey Kesseki
This fic is cross posted on AO3 under the same username: justamethyst3 That is the only other place this fic should be ~ * ~ Tsukasa wants to get better at doing his mak...
The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Reader 】 by LorenoSan
The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Read...by Nickel
Kagamine Len. Currently 16, Blonde hair and Electric Blue eyes. Known as a Vocaloid, and a Playboy by everyone. Although there's something you don't know about him. He...
Root Beer Float (Kaito x Meiko) by Taylortimestwo
Root Beer Float (Kaito x Meiko)by Taylor
After her best friend gets pregnant and her boyfriend ditches her, Meiko moves in to help raise the twins. Sure, she may hate the terrible lifestyle she has going on, f...
Kuroko betrayed by -_Phantoms_-
Kuroko betrayedby Kenji
Kuroko was the "6th player of GoM" and "the shadow of siren." It was after the winter cup when they had won and everyone turned back to normal. Kurok...
Yandere!Len Kagamine x Reader | Tear Me Down by -Ephemer
Yandere!Len Kagamine x Reader | Te...by -Ephemer
✬[Highschool AU | Yandere!Len Kagamine x Reader ] (Name) (Last Name) is the unlucky best friend of Rin Kagamine, who is the loud-mouth sister of the school idol, Len Kag...
In the depths of despair (Danganronpa AU) by Mistyfan247
In the depths of despair (Danganro...by Mikazuki Katsuki
20 students wake up in a mysterious classroom where they have to kill each other in order to survive. That is, if they do not get caught. Note: The sekai's do not exists...
Project Sekai x reader One-Shots by GwenIsGay
Project Sekai x reader One-Shotsby Gwen_emokid
As the title says. I will do anything y'all ask me as long as I feel comfortable with it.
lenqkito (100% real) (canon) (/srs) (not /j) (h) by give_me_your_organs
lenqkito (100% real) (canon) (/srs...by organ consumer
a totally slash es are es fanfiction of len kakamine x akitoes shitnonomw x rhe letter Q this is a joke book guys
wanna be my dance partner? ✰ rui kamishiro x reader by maeyo0o
wanna be my dance partner? ✰ rui k...by maeyoo
✰y/n has always dreamed of becoming an idol that performs in front of thousands of people. once she finally achieves that dream, she gets kicked out of her group ✰sudde...
SPICE!💛 rinxlen by LettriceDisordinata
SPICE!💛 rinxlenby Selene | LadyUshi
Rin, a 15 years old girl, lives with her classmate Len, of which she has a crush on. One day the girl, in an attempt to wake him up, commits a rushed act. What will happ...
Vocaloid (+ others) Lyrics- English by PikamelDeviantart
Vocaloid (+ others) Lyrics- Englishby Mel
{Ranked #1 in Lyrics!} **Updating whenever I remember!** Vocaloid lyrics in English (as well as other songs made by similar producers) that I happen to be a fan of. No...
Danganronpa: Despair-ence by BlackvoirYanderevoir
Danganronpa: Despair-enceby kylemasterbuild -kyleetta
5 Different timelines. One Vengeful Adventure. Taking place after V3 of Danganronpa taking place years after it, Kyle Raibusutor takes Hope's Peak Academy for himself. A...
𝐚 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐯𝐨𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐢𝐝 # lkm by cyanari
𝐚 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐯𝐨𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐢𝐝 # lkmby — 나리
## author note - hey, just letting you know that this story is no longer going under editing of any sort, meaning i've abandoned it. i wrote this story around 6 years a...