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Best TaeKook Books || TaeKook Recommendations by justarandomfic
Best TaeKook Books || TaeKook Reco...by your modern kudo
must read taekook books from various authors
Beyond That Boundary Line || TaeKook by justarandomfic
Beyond That Boundary Line || TaeKo...by your modern kudo
Taehyung a warm hearted person, in desperate need of money applies as one of the maid for the ruthless CEO and Mafia boss Jeongguk but what will happen if this new boss...
Became A Cold Moon || TaeKook by justarandomfic
Became A Cold Moon || TaeKookby your modern kudo
Jeongguk hates commitment. He flirts and hook up with random girls with no strings attached. So why does he feel the urge to punch someone everytime a boy goes near his...
Can't You See Me In Your Eyes || TaeKook by justarandomfic
Can't You See Me In Your Eyes || T...by your modern kudo
Just to prove to himself that he already moved on from his past relationship, Jeongguk decided to marry his current girlfriend. But on his wedding day he didn't expect t...
Not Because Of These Stars || TaeKook by justarandomfic
Not Because Of These Stars || TaeK...by your modern kudo
Taehyung's bestfriend is a huge fan of Yoongi, as a birthday gift Taehyung decided to go to one of Yoongi's fansign to get a signed album for his bff BUT Taehyung mistoo...