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Whisper In The Wind (DO NOT READ, UNDER REVISION) by Crazymeg1
Whisper In The Wind (DO NOT READ...by Meg
Charlotte lives on a nice ranch, but her since her mom died, her dad got rid of all the horses there. One day she finds a beautiful gypsy vanner mare she names, Echo. Ca...
Torn (Harry Styles) by peyton-tb
Torn (Harry Styles)by pb
"and if my suicide fails, I'll see you tomorrow." trigger warning. please don't read if you are sensitive to self harm/suicide. please stay positive.
Maintaining Harmony (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by puppuphk
Maintaining Harmony (Doctor Who Fa...by Hannah
Harmony just wanted to go to Comic Con is that so hard to ask apparently so because while waiting for her friend she goes to explore the convention and gets lost finding...
Ammovoid /SU Fanfic/ Steven Universe x Reader by Maxx_It_Upp
Ammovoid /SU Fanfic/ Steven Univer...by Maxx
DESC OF BOOK You had the perfect father... before the accident... You were taken and hurt by him thanks to a brain injury. He threw you off a cliff in Beach City.. A r...
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Horse Stone (Book 1 of Ilyrian Series) by RissaleWriter
Horse Stone (Book 1 of Ilyrian Ser...by Rissa, Rissy, Riss
When Hadley and her eleven sisters moved to Kentucky, she didn't know what to expect. Gone were the big buildings and replaced with open fields as well as being littered...
New Beginnings at Century Farms by katered7books
New Beginnings at Century Farmsby I love Bo!
This book is about Melody, a girl who lives on a farm that rescues abused horses. She loves to help her mom train the abused horses and help them start new lives. When o...
Why You Wanna {Niall Horan Love Story} by xxbeckieex
Why You Wanna {Niall Horan Love St...by Rebecca Gonzalez :D
Natalie was the average teenage girl living in a small town. She had two close friends since she wasn't a person that loved groups. One day, she is forced to go to New Y...
Summers End by MissDicey
Summers Endby Ainsley
Bell and her parents go on a holiday to a small town in California for the summer. The town only has a couple hundred people and she runs into Matt he is the best thing...
Flying Change by EQWriter
Flying Changeby EQWriter
Lexi is living the dream, a stable full of horses, a wonderful boyfriend and a burgeoning career, but will new characters with old grudges derail her chances of winning?
Jumping Back In by seaislandsiren
Jumping Back Inby seaislandsiren
It has been two years since Rory Gilmore left Stars Hollow to follow the Obama campaign. It has been two years since Rory turned down Logan's proposal at her graduation...
Becoming an Olympian (Equestrian) by Spirit_horse16
Becoming an Olympian (Equestrian)by Spirit_horse16
🐎THIS IS A HORSE BOOK 🐎 Calli, an 18 year old girl gets an invitation to go to an Olympic training camp, for equestrians of course. She accepts, but The only thing tha...
Sorrel Hill: The E.V.E.R. Tournament |COMPLETED| (BK1) by HensleeRodeo102
Sorrel Hill: The E.V.E.R. Tourname...by HensleeRodeo102
(WARNING: This book is filled with grammar errors, spelling errors, etc. and is poorly written! I wrote it back in 2018?) Kiley Tyler, is a champion jumper known worldw...
Blind Faith by katered7books
Blind Faithby I love Bo!
Faith is a horse crazy girl. Just ask her, and she'll tell you anything you want to know about horses. Her weekly lessons confirm to her that she's horse obsessive. More...
The Eighth Time by DarknessAndLight
The Eighth Timeby Karianne
Keegan Bundy's only goal in life is to end it. That's up until he meets a crazy girl that will take it on herself to teach him how to appreciate life. Follow them on t...
New Strides || Canterwood Crest || Book 19 by jumpingchic
New Strides || Canterwood Crest ||...by ♕ M A D I ♕
The original Canterwood Crest fan-made book 19! Sasha Silver is bringing a new friend home to Canterwood... Or should she say, a four-legged friend? Sasha's first year o...
Get Back On by free_falling_00
Get Back Onby free_falling_00
Sam Woods was a 5 time champion barrel racer. But then the accident happened. Being picked up and moved to a town full of rodeos is hard enough. But what about the cocky...
Curtis Sister: Zaylee Curtis by HotPinkMonkey
Curtis Sister: Zaylee Curtisby JJ Ace
I am the Curtis' little sister, Zaylee. I can be a trouble maker at times. I live with my three older brothers and I belong with them and their gang. I am different the...
Kinswood Academy: Jumping Princess by Dressage_Queen
Kinswood Academy: Jumping Princessby Equestrian for Life!
Mia Dante is no stranger to hard work, and she's worked her whole life for the opportunity she has been presented. A scholarship to Kinswood Academy. But spending the re...
The Storm Before Dawn by Rainyawesome
The Storm Before Dawnby Horses are Life <3
Asha lives with her mom, Andrea, on a rescue farm called Last Chance. One morning, they get a call from an anonymous person reporting an abused horse. Once they reach t...
Stone Creek Riding Academy by M_Equine
Stone Creek Riding Academyby ❤️Nugget❤️
16 year old O'Connor Steele used to be a top notch Barrel racer until a freak accident which stopped her career. Her horse was put down and she was almost paralyzed in h...