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YOU CHANGE ME ( JENLISA) by Lalisa_Bottoms
YOU CHANGE ME ( JENLISA)by Jenlisa_is_real
I'll do my best to make you happy everyday and every seconds in my life because you give me the love that makes my whole life change - Jennie Someone who is lonely and...
Inescapable • jenlisa by rarisa_jendeuk
Inescapable • jenlisaby k
In which Lisa goes to another country to make a new start but ends up bumping into her ex-girlfriend. She's inescapable. top jen (gp)
My Property from the Star || Jenlisa || by JLinthefuture712178
My Property from the Star || LINIBlink
A story where a person fall inlove with a girl came from the star. She didn't believe in Love at first sight until the girl named Lisa came into her wolrd, that change h...
Ocean's Secret by TopJennieEnthusiast
Ocean's Secretby EM
"I suppose that's why I've never told this story. I've always feared that my words would taint it somehow. After all, how could I make anyone understand with words...
Devil's Kiss | jenlisa smut by TopJennieEnthusiast
Devil's Kiss | jenlisa smutby EM
succubus!jen x normal!lisa adaptation jen tops
LASCIVIOUS | jenlisa smuts by TopJennieEnthusiast
LASCIVIOUS | jenlisa smutsby EM
lascivious las·civ·i·ous\lə-ˈsi-vē-əs\ ↳ LEWD • LUSTFUL Compilation of Jenlisa Smuts (JEN tops) jennie-centric G!p Jennie DONT READ IF YOU WILL REPORT
ONLY YOU (JENLISA) by Graciaaa1201
ONLY YOU (JENLISA)by Gracemagno
Taglish story.... Jen tops A two women with differen personalities cross paths when their parents decide that the two will marry each other... Will they fall inlove...
I've Fallen For You [JENLISA VERSION] by JLinthefuture712178
I've Fallen For You [JENLISA LINIBlink
A story that follows the quirky female investigator Lalisa Yun Lee, as she searches for her long lost 'brother' and cracks many cases along the way. Growing up, Lisa ha...
Your one and only by kate44451
Your one and onlyby Langforever
A full of love and obsession What will happen if a super famous person that everyone is in love with a person that is super rich and treat people like a ant and a norm...
hope not (jenlisa) by jendeukrubiejane
hope not (jenlisa)by iya
"for you, i'm okay with being hurt since i only gave you pain during the time we were together. " "- but i hope not to the point you forget me. " low...