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The Penderwicks in spring again by abiiiiioooo
The Penderwicks in spring againby abiiiiioooo
Jeffrey has always loved Skye but he is only now at the age of 17, coming to terms with it. Skye tells herself over and over that she can't love, not in the way Jeffrey...
jeffry dahmer sons by igalphaa
jeffry dahmer sonsby igalphaa
This story can scare u so don't read at night if ur under 11 years old
The Ro'meave sister!?! (completed!) by King_Skyler
The Ro'meave sister!?! (completed!)by Skyler
This is a Laurence x reader story I hope you all enjoy! Sorry in advance about the spelling I know its bad... And HUGE THANKS TO @Nikki~Sama !!! I love the cover...
Henri's Sister(a find me in Paris fanfic)  by Ginnystein4
Henri's Sister(a find me in Ginny stein
a story in which Lena isn't the only one to go back in time.
MS/MCD x Reader (oneshots) *Request open* by KTigerlover
MS/MCD x Reader (oneshots) * @LittleMissTravisover
The tittle said it all ^_^ but for you who need a start to the story to understand it that will be the first two pages. Head up! Italics means your talking Y/N means you...
The Kool Kidz Club by no7sama
The Kool Kidz Clubby Leo 🌈
Just our discord server being chaotic :3
The Love Project by GEEKwithoutBRACES
The Love Projectby GEEKwithoutBRACES
"Help me October." As I looked into her soft, chocolate eyes, I saw something... or someone; Myself. This girl was in much pain. And in even greater pain than...
Our Love Story by sierracall03
Our Love Storyby sierracall03
When 17 year old Katie Halter moves in with her Uncle Eddy Halter, she finds out that her uncle has a new neighbor named Jeffry Jackson who is 17 also. Read "love s...
jeffry dan arutala nya. by Ihaecoy
jeffry dan arutala Jj
"suatu saat semua orang pasti bakal mati jeff. bedanya hanya apakah segera atau nanti, dan aku hanya akan sedikit mendahuluimu."- Senja @aulilieanaa
toxic love by ttlove6
toxic loveby tt love
my life is just... not right... I am not right... m-my life is not right.
travlyn (love starts with a punch) by babyfeathers
travlyn (love starts with a punch)by babyfeathers
Travis is his usual self hitting on katlyn sooner she grows feelings for him but doesn't wanna break jeffrys. Soon jeffry asks katlyn out and ...
Castodon by JILSA212
Castodonby Jilsa
In unknown city, Jessy is having constant nightmares. when she told it to others, she got to know that someone is killing people during their sleep. This mystery is anal...
Jeffry  by sydneyflores060
Jeffry by sydney flores
A troubled man meets an adorable furry demon destined to help in a journey to improve his life, but there's a horrible demonic twist.
Four friends get sucked into Minecraft's secret dimension, THE UNDERSIDE.(Under the over world)Their only way to get out is to find the MYTHICAL GEM that can let them go...
diaper girl x jefferey the killer by ragingwhoremones
diaper girl x jefferey the killerby diaper rash 🤨💪
diaperette midnight moved to a vacant porta potty in the middle of the woods ‼️‼️ and meets jeffery the killster 🥶🥶🥶