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Shattered Stars (TCW) by ThisisAusername53
Shattered Stars (TCW)by Deuteragonist
Jedi Knight Taska Rokanh must face the horrors of war and attachment while trying to balance what the council tells her with what she knows is right. No one will leave t...
Star Wars:Reader X Ahsoka Tano by Lowfli
Star Wars:Reader X Ahsoka Tanoby Lowfli
The Clone wars rage on throughout the galaxy. The Timeline might be a bit messed up but I hope it's okay. You are a young boy on Taris where the story begins.
Silent Jedi by dreamsmadereal
Silent Jediby Jess Gonzalez
We all know about how Grogu, (aka Baby Yoda) was found on Arvala-7, but how did he get there? How did he escape Order 66? Who would risk their life, going back to the Je...
Light or Dark (Mandalorian X reader) by yami1269
Light or Dark (Mandalorian X Carisi♥️
Born and raised in the dark side, trained to be an assassin, to become a Sith Lord but at the age of 13 for the title of Darth Nihilus, the first young female to ever ha...
~ The Wolf Prophecy ~The Clone Wars *On Hold for Editing* by jesseri14
~ The Wolf Prophecy ~The Clone jesseri
When Jedi Master Yoda was just made a Jedi Knight, he had what he thought was just a dream of a loth wolf. It had bright amber eyes, and blue face markings. And a voice...
Plo Koon's Padawan by Hollunk21
Plo Koon's Padawanby Hollunk21
Plo Koon's padawan, a mostly humble person. Yet is hard to stay that way every moment when you are as strong as Y/n Palpatine, and what happens when he meets a certain t...
Eternal ~ Anakin Skywalker ~ by TheNightwisher
Eternal ~ Anakin Skywalker ~by Brittany Andre
e·ter·nal /əˈtərn(ə)l/ adjective~ Lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning. (of truths, values, or questions) valid for all time; essentially unchanging. &q...
Inexplicable - A Star Wars Story by TheBookCaterpillar
Inexplicable - A Star Wars Storyby Zaella
Crouched in front of a scrap pile, she combed through it with deft fingers, picking out the ones valuable to her and keeping them clenching in her palms until she had tw...
Death It Is- Kylo Ren by notjustthemen
Death It Is- Kylo Renby notjustthemen
After barely surviving an attack on the Jedi temple that claimed the lives of all of her friends and her lover, Ben Solo, Y/N becomes an assassin for the Resistance. Th...
Those Who Are Sith// Clone wars by ItWasThisOrTiktok
Those Who Are Sith// Clone warsby Elizabeth Richards
When a Sith risks her life to save a Jedi and turns the tides in the Clone Wars //I don't own the cover art
Against the Odds by ItsEasyBreezy
Against the Oddsby breezy
Vella Delaba had fought in many wars. She'd been a padawan in the Clone Wars and had joined the Rebellion against the tyrannical Empire. But no matter how many fights sh...
𝐀𝐑𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐌𝐄 || Anakin Skywalker X Reader by darthvvderr
"Im so sorry (Y/N)..." He said his voice raspy from the air. "Are you with me?" "Always..." I answered stroking his hair sadly. »»----- ★ ...
Hidden Talents  by Debbiewick
Hidden Talents by Debbie
REX X READER Y/N was a waitress in a club on Coruscant. Just expecting to enjoy her simple life, until one night she meets Captain Rex. A clone of the Republic Army. The...
Blood In The Water by catalan_andrea
Blood In The Waterby Andrea Montes
Amra Scythe formerly known as Iretia Emestre, is a Sith Lady and the apprentice of Darth Sidious. She's been working in several missions all in the shadows until now. Sh...
What I Never Told You (Anisoka Fanfiction) by avalira
What I Never Told You (Anisoka Ava Lira
AHSOKA, a devoted young knight, survives a weeklong battle protecting the borders belonging to the kingdom of Coruscant, her home. When she and her best friend Anakin re...
Pistanthro•phobia || Luke Skywalker  by analyzingziam_
Pistanthro•phobia || Luke Lukesgrogu
"I don't believe in trust." Impressive ranks #1 in Mandalorian #1 in Empirestrikesback #1 in Hansolo #1 in Lukeskywalkerxoc #1 in Jedimaster #15 in Sith #5 in...
The Aris Tyra Story {Ongoing} by that_fan_girl0
The Aris Tyra Story {Ongoing}by that fan girl
For those that are confused, I decided to combine the Aris Tyra books, probably not the best idea but oh well 🤷 ~ Jedi Padawan ~ Jedi Padawan Aris Tyra fights for peac...
Avengers Wars Episode I: Steps Into Shadow by NaldMoney
Avengers Wars Episode I: Steps NaldMoney
Its 2011 and chaos has struck the world. A Shield facility was attacked and a powerful item of cosmic origin known as the Tesseract was stolen. The culprit is a Frost Gi...
Bleeding Love ━━ Anakin Skywalker. by miyagidos
Bleeding Love ━━ Anakin ׂׂૢ་༘࿐ 𝐀𝐍𝐍𝐀
Our hearts will eventually bleed out. ─── star wars prequels ─── aotc - tcw - rots ─── anakin skywalker 𝙭 fem!oc ─── cover by @silksenses ─── book 𝙩𝙬𝙤 in the ❝stars...
Star Wars vs Avatar The Last Airbender by ShockTrooperCorps
Star Wars vs Avatar The Last ShockTrooperCorps
The fanart used on the cover is NOT mine! All credit to /u/Zed_Edge on Deviantart! Jedi Master Plo Koon and the...