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Advancement made [best friends forever](but not really) ;) by lil_cloud_
Advancement made [best friends ☁️Cloud☁️
George travels to Florida to visit his best friend dream (Clay) for the first time ever. Little did they know that George's stay would be extended due to the world pande...
LXLight (one shots) by Kaylar890
LXLight (one shots)by Kaylar890
So here are light x l one shots hope u like them. I might do some lemon cause lemons are beautiful.
School life (Genya X FemReader lemon) by Weetrash
School life (Genya X FemReader Weebtrashcan
This is my most detailed fluffiest lemoniest lemons ive made so far. I hope yall love it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENYA
Let The Radio Play《 Alastor x Reader 》 by DanniCali
Let The Radio Play《 Alastor x Danielle
Alastor X F.Reader - Not In Canon - NSFW - Viewer Discretion Is Advised I do not own the art displayed and all characters of Hazbin Hotel are owned by Vivziepop. Author...
Harry Potter One Shots  by owl2012
Harry Potter One Shots by M
Book of Harry Potter One Shots, as implied in the title. Many of them are cringe. You've been warned
◈ Magnus X Alec One Shots ◈ Malec ◈ by CheshireCatLife
◈ Magnus X Alec One Shots ◈ Malec ◈by Sssshhhhhh
A world of Malec! 35+ one-shots ranging from fluff all the way to heavy angst. Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster and have a read! :)
Hold Each Other (Lou x Nolan) by LosersAreBrave
Hold Each Other (Lou x Nolan)by LosersAreBrave
This takes place after the end of the movie. Instead of Lou being sent to do cleaning duties as punishment for his deeds and misbehaviours, he is left by himself in The...
Underground (Levi Ackerman x Reader) by fuzzyrainbows12
Underground (Levi Ackerman x Fuzzyrainbows12
Levi first met y/n when he was 15, in he underground. She had swooped into his life, effectively not only saving him, but captivating him as well....... Then it all went...
Septiplierrrr! by Ava080
Septiplierrrr!by Ava
This is a in order fanfic that's all about septiplier. Also I found out that a lot of parts of this was true. Anyways I will probably be adding like characters that do...
[ Thaim ] The Boy He Met Online by ThatsLwkyGay
[ Thaim ] The Boy He Met Onlineby ...
[ Social Media & Real Life ] Liam Dunbar was a energetic teenager with way too many instagram fans. Coming out gay was one of the hardest things he has had to do but he...
King trollex x Cora by Corandtrollex
King trollex x Coraby Singer~
A love story about king trollex and Cora (yes Cora is made up but... idk)
Crush Imagines by _DarkQueen
Crush Imaginesby Kiara
A book about cute original crush imagines. I won't lie, I do not update regularly but when I do update, I update about 2 or 3 times. **REQUESTS ARE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER...
Crushing On Each Other by Unknown78906
Crushing On Each Otherby Zqueen1214
Harry's P.O.V "I wonder how long I can resist before smashing my lips on Draco's?" Draco's P.O.V "I wonder how long I can resist before smashing my lips o...
unpopular kpop opinions {offensive} by meow_suga
unpopular kpop opinions {offensive}by notifications r off
yeah if u can't handle my opinions click off. 🔪 thank u for 3k reads 🤠
you don't know me | jaeden martell by quigleforthquagmiire
you don't know me | jaeden martellby quigleforthquagmiire
"stop acting like you know me! because you don't! you don't know me." + a story about a girl that seems incapable of love and a boy that's fallen head over he...
MariChat Sin by GravityFallsFan102
MariChat Sinby TMNT_Fan_4_Life
What happens when Marinette starts falling in love with Chat Noir? Will he feel the same way? Or will he reject her? Find out as you read, and PS this book cover doesn't...
a sinful chat - BNHA/MHA chatfic by AyanoMikaProduction
a sinful chat - BNHA/MHA chatficby Ayano's-fanfiction-corner
The Class-Representetive Tenya Iida created a group-chat for his class for the sake of school matters but before he knew it everything went upside down. Sexualities are...
Klance one shots ❤️ by itz_kaitlyn1232
Klance one shots ❤️by itz_kaitlyn1232
Mixed stories ❤️
Todobakufemdeku by Izz2006
Todobakufemdekuby Anime Stalker
I'm not very good at descriptions Todoroki and Bakugo play a little game to see who can win Midoriya's heart. Btw Midoriya is a female 😉
Tomtord pics by iminmars
Tomtord picsby PONIES
everybody will love me now XD °these pictures are not mine these belong to their rightful owners°