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You Are Mine and Mine Alone by amelia_rose07
You Are Mine and Mine Aloneby Alex ⛓
Read at your own risk. If you don't want to read, then skip or don't read the book Inuyasha is a girl-crazy half demon. He wants nothing more than someone to toy with. H...
Murió por mi culpa by rosecf94
Murió por mi culpaby Rose Cf
"Aome muere porque Inuyasha no la pudo salvar a tiempo por estar con Kikyo, pero Aome se transforma en un fantasma, siendo Inuyasha el único que puede comunicarse c...
First Time In Demon Elementary (Inuyasha Fanfiction and InuKag) (Slow Updates) by Forever_Otaku_Lover
First Time In Demon Elementary ( ☆~♡Jade♡~☆
Ok, fanfic coming up so yeah, inukag lovers only and Inuyasha x Kagome and if anybody messes with them and switches the ships I shall come in your Bedroom and steal all...
First Love by InuKag_Stories
First Loveby InuKag_Stories
Kagome has to move to the countryside, far away from the city, her school, and friends. Dreading this choice made by her mother and grandpa, she refuses to leave, and it...
The Royal Ruling: Inuyasha by kagome_and_akane
The Royal Ruling: Inuyashaby Kagome Higurashi/Akane Tendo
Once upon again, there was a great kingdom. The king as a great "demon" dog. He had two sons, both that would talk over his kingdom together! However, The King...
Our Destiny by motormimmochick
Our Destinyby KAWAIIGURL
Kagome and Sango are the best of friends and the leaders of a band, 'Sailor Senshi', what will happen when another band demands for a competition? And who are these two...
Inuyasha X Reader by OtakuInu_Star
Inuyasha X Readerby Silver Star
This is the story about you a white haired half wolf demon who just landed in another one's territory will you mate or will you kill C=
A Feudal Love [Koga X OC] Book 3 by CJ0340
A Feudal Love [Koga X OC] Book 3by CJ
As Naraku grows closer to completing the sacred jewel, Okami's chances of getting her revenge becomes slimmer and slimmer by the day. They say love conquers all, but is...
Illegally Legal ▪|| Sesshomaru x Oc Story || ▪ by Taemaru-chan
Illegally Legal ▪|| Sesshomaru x Taemaru-chan 1123
"I forbid." Our eyes widened to the words that she has spoken. "Wh-what?" I stuttered out M-my Lady, why would you forbid my daughter?" She sho...
The Captured Princess  by InuKag334472
The Captured Princess by Kasha
Princess Kagome runs away from royalty in disguise as a peasant and is captured by the rough bandit, Inuyasha. What will happen when he discovers she's holding exactly w...
te necesito [Inuyasha x aome ]  by claymochi
te necesito [Inuyasha x aome ] by blueberry claymochi
una discucion una reconciliacion y algo mas
Inuyasha's Bad Days by inusoulsoniceater40
Inuyasha's Bad Daysby Ashanti Bell
What happens when a certain half demon gets sick after a battle. Inukag
Kagome's Fateful Choice by NeutronStarChild
Kagome's Fateful Choiceby NeutronStarChild
After she realizes that Inuyasha has chosen Kikyo, Kagome returns the Shikon shards to the Sengoku Jidai in the dead of night, and vows she will remain in her time and n...
Same difference (A Kamisama Kiss/Inuyasha crossover) by silverspark1202
Same difference (A Kamisama Kiss/ Read-Write-Sing-Draw
Nanami and Tomoe are God and familiar time traveling back in time to the feudal era using Mizuki's incense burner to prove Tomoe once loved a human woman. Inuyasha and...
Todas Las parejas de Inuyasha by YetmaryEscobar
Todas Las parejas de Inuyashaby Mire❣
Aquí compartiré imágenes de todas las parejas de Inuyasha
Why Couldn't I Just Leave You That Day by starstar1997
Why Couldn't I Just Leave You Star
A girl who is a hard worker at her job and loves to be there, a boy who is actually a bad boy, beats people for no reason, causes destruction where ever he steps, a day...
Sesshomaru X Rin: Prequel to InuYasha X Kagome by KillSwiTcH05
Sesshomaru X Rin: Prequel to Beverly Razen Cortes
It had been 11 years since InuYasha and the gang - with the help of Sesshomaru - defeated one of the great Inu No Taishō's enemies. During those times, Sesshomaru came t...
Demon Project by scrletfyre
Demon Projectby Elizabeth Vounce
On her way home late before nightfall Kagome Higurashi falls into a gorge falling into what was once a top secret lab where she finds a young boy within a cell that lays...
The Beast in the Basement by NeutronStarChild
The Beast in the Basementby NeutronStarChild
He didn't know why he kept the beast alive - now only a shell of the brother he spent all those years detesting. Now he simply wished he had had more time. But every tim...
Heal Me [#wattys2019] by hdel15
Heal Me [#wattys2019]by hdel15
InuYasha and Kagome have been friends since birth and are extremely close. At a young age, Kagome becomes a victim of sexual assault. Luckily for her she has InuYasha by...