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SOLDIER | K.TH by Kuribee126
SOLDIER | K.THby Kuribee126
Youmin takes the place of her younger brother Jimin in the UDT/SEAL elite forces. _____________________________ "Your body's weak." "But I can tell your...
Chasing the Bad Boy by keepingitreal15
Chasing the Bad Boyby keepingitreal15
Lizzie Carter is your 16 year old stereotypical spoiled little rich girl from New York who has a tendency to be obsessed on some things. Her new obsession? Bad boy Liam...
Project:Survive by King13942
Project:Surviveby Angela King
Their world comes to a ending but to save it they have to send 4 groups of people. One group has Elites and another has Normals. The 3rd group has a mix of them and the...
Thick As Thieves! Rachel's Story by Anime_Rulz751
Thick As Thieves! Rachel's Storyby Shizuka
"A boy-- a girl-- you know how it is..." Rachel is a teenage girl who just figured out, after so long; she might FINALLY have a chance with the boy she's falle...
The initiation: Met in abnegation sequel by eatonthatcake46
The initiation: Met in Maddie
It has been 5 years since my beautiful Tris passed away. She told me to move on, but all of this time I have been grieving. I didn't think I could love anyone as much as...
When Science Meets Magic (Kamen Rider Build X Akashic Records of Bastard Magic) by azurilquill
When Science Meets Magic (Kamen Blue💙Ink
After the events of Kamen Rider Build, Sento Kiryu passed on his next successor as the Next Build. Our protagonist, Ender Lexus enters the world where magic exist but it...
The Path's We Make by ceceisnotcrazy
The Path's We Makeby ceceisnotcrazy
(Y/n) (L/n) has worked hard to become the Jonin she is today. She works hard on every mission she is given. Her latest mission though proves to be tough, become the inst...
Ramblings of a College Student by ninja_of_steel
Ramblings of a College Studentby ninja_of_steel
Rants about my college life, whether good or bad.
Certified Fitness Instructor by Fitnessmatters
Certified Fitness Instructorby Fitness Matters Chandigarh
We are empowering personal trainers, group fitness instructors and nutrition professional to spread the knowledge and fitness trends.
A Healing Predator by villobarton
A Healing Predatorby villobarton
{ will be sure to add a description when my writers block wears away }
Best Yoga Instructor Course by HonghuiHung
Best Yoga Instructor Courseby Yoga Instructor Course
We provide yoga instructor certifications by Trishula yoga studios. Join our yoga teacher training certification course and workshop at affordable prices near you.
Floating Petals by meeko228
Floating Petalsby Suzanne
It seems as if the flowers that I danced with today hold the petals that I will wear in my hair on my deathbed tomorrow. [a novel in verse]
Certified driving instructors behind the wheels! by deezdriving
Certified driving instructors deezdriving
Sharpen your driving skills with our certified professionals. We offer flexible lessons, convenient timing, and affordable services. Start learning today!
Surviving College 101 by SafeHaven
Surviving College 101by SafeHaven
I am by no means an expert of college. I am only in my second semester myself, but I've already learned a lot so I thought I would save the in-coming fresh meat-I mean...
Automatic driving lessons: what's in store for the learners? by aranalucy
Automatic driving lessons: what' aranalucy
Automatic driving lessons are one of the options as aspiring motorist can take to get started. But it is generally more expensive than the manual counterpart. That is be...