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The Babysitter •|❤︎| • JEON JUNGKOOK  by thearmywriter
The Babysitter •|❤︎| • JEON asian Y/N ㌐ <3
You get a job as a babysitter, with a young man that's all over you. |JEON JUNGKOOK|
Stocking Up On Love by simply-caitlyn
Stocking Up On Loveby - ̗̀ caitlyn ̖́-
"Wait Red can we talk?" Ethan asks. "I like you." I murmur quickly. "What?" He asks confused. "Nothing okay bye!..." I say bol...
A New Love by BriannaWhitlock
A New Loveby Anna
A year after the Cullens left Bella realizes that she doesn't love Edward, she loves Jasper. She can't get him off her mind and she always feels like her heart is breaki...
Drarry, Pansmione and Bleville Instagram story #2 by Ailsa_Weasley
Drarry, Pansmione and Bleville Ali !!
wow okay part 2! if you haven't read the first part I would reccomend you read that first :) I dont own the cover illustration, all i did was edit it.
Worth It (Klance Mpreg) by Serenity4Lifee
Worth It (Klance Mpreg)by Serenity4Lifee
(Before hand I would like to state that this is not a full story! Just ideas for a story that will not get finished! There are a lot of ideas and it is not in order! The...
Paper Hearts by goddaeng
Paper Heartsby goddaeng
[A Wattpad Featured Story - April/May 2018] ❝ Paper heart, steel heart - it doesn't matter. They're both still hearts at the end of the day, and they're both still capab...
𝐀𝐑𝐑𝐄𝐆𝐋𝐀𝐃𝐎 by jamlessmochijimin
| 𝐉𝐉𝐊 | "Jeon Y/n. Has a nice ring to it don't ya'think?" "Not if I have anything to say about it." Y/n's arranged to be wed with the Jeon's son...
Death's Angel by dreamdocks
Death's Angelby dreamdocks
"You are MINE" he growled. We circled the table once more. "I am not yours. I'm leaving and that's it" I tried to say but it came out in a whisper. I...
I Spy by StripeSocks
I Spyby StripeSocks
She has a normal life. NOT!!! Trinity is a spy working undercover to protect the people that she loves. Will her boyfriend find out about all the lies and the lies Tri...
The Delivery Boy(boyxboy) by Fuzzylumpkins454
The Delivery Boy(boyxboy)by Zoe( Fuzz!)
"I know you and I are not about poems or other sentimental bullshit, but I have to tell you that even the way you drink coffee knocks me the fuck out." - ...
Our Perfect Love Story.✔️ by arummees
Our Perfect Love Story.✔️by arummees
Picture a situation were two people live together although they hate each other. Why? Because he is forced to marry a girl he doesn't know even after he loves someone...
Freelance Jobs by ElizabethElk
Freelance Jobsby Elizabeth Elk
Here are some good Freelance jobs that are 100% real and online. Hop this helps!
Broken Wings Heal by hazelparks40
Broken Wings Healby Inked Disaster🌻
Nothing about Jasmine's life remained sane after the passing of her father. Her mother does little to help her anxiety when she throws herself into work...and men. Her b...
The Game of Love and Losers by jayjay33
The Game of Love and Losersby Ann
There are winners and their are losers in the world, both in life and love. So what happens when two losers, from each end of the social spectrum come together? Amanda...
The Flight Attendant by American47
The Flight Attendantby CR7Love
Some secrets are best kept between two people. Does this secret fall under the same circumstances?
The truth  by littlebittyquinn
The truth by littlebittyquinn
When Izuku was looking in the kitchen for food but found nothing to his likes, he went to pick a buddy because of the new buddy system, he picks Denki kaminari. What hap...
HotWings (Hawks x Dabi) by PrinceAmajaki
HotWings (Hawks x Dabi)by Amajaki
I haven't made a real description yet soooo......yea and quirks are called S.A.'s (special abilities)
N.U.D.E.S 🚨👑 by JakeyyPaul
N.U.D.E.S 🚨👑by JakeyyPaul
Val Made A Mistake And Sent Her Pictures To The Wrong Guy .... 🔎
Once I Had A Dream  by infinityza
Once I Had A Dream by Nishaat iqbal
Natasha Anderson is a eighteen year old girl living with her poor family in Landon that she moved to from Albania. Not only is she living with her family but she and her...
The Broke and The Broken  by applejuice456
The Broke and The Broken by Apple ⚜️
Andrew Henderson is broken. A 25 year old individual who has suffered a lot. 5 years ago he took the worst hit yet. And he still hasn't recovered. From then onwards ever...