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Clutter Slut by lol_hunt
Clutter Slutby ꫝꪊꪀꪻꫀ᥅
bnha lemons x reader. let's just say your character gets a lil thirsty... for the d.. Have Fun!! It might turn into a love story.
Quirk Marriage (Shoto Todoroki x Reader) by Majestic_SeaFlap
Quirk Marriage (Shoto Todoroki x R...by Rae
Former Pro Hero Rain and Endeavor planned to have children that shall be the best pros known to the world. You are the child of Rain. Endeavor's child came put as the o...
Todobaku, The Saddest Color by rougueinsomniac
Todobaku, The Saddest Colorby Insomniac
Todobaku Soulmate AU. Mostly because I love these. Soulmate Au, where when you write on your body it shows up on your soulmate as well almost like a copy. The colo...
Protector (Todoroki x Reader ❄️🔥) by shoto_kacchan
Protector (Todoroki x Reader ❄️🔥)by A Quirky Girl
The pain of your past has taken a toll on your body and mental health. Not many people know of your situation at first, but classmates of 1-a start to notice, especially...
Version A | Boku No Hero Academia Reader Insert by aidemint
Version A | Boku No Hero Academia...by 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐲 𝐦𝐞𝐢 ! ☠
❝And for the first time in history, a quirkless person has been admitted to UA's prestigious hero program.❞ (The sequel is out!) (#9 MHA 8.2.20, #2 BNHA 8.5.20, #18 Anim...
•|Shouto OneShots|• by TsunTsun12
•|Shouto OneShots|•by Sabo & Jin Combo!
☆ you're stuck with me •ʜᴏᴘɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜ'ʟʟ ɪᴛ• HEY YOU! COME READ THIS SHOUTO ONESHOTS BOOK LIKE ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! I write everything. From smuts...
Stone Cold  by kurttheangel
Stone Cold by kurttheangel
(Todoroki x Bakugo) Was it hate or was it love? Whatever it was, he thought it was hate and it was slowly breaking Todoroki from the inside. And on top of everything el...
What was that?! - Kiribaku (Deaf Bakugou) by SHSLbisexualbitch
What was that?! - Kiribaku (Deaf B...by its ya boi Chris
Bakugou has been secretly going deaf for years but finally one day after years he completely loses his hearing.
Bnha x reader smutshots (requests closed by Pastel_paint
Bnha x reader smutshots (requests...by Mono no aware
Ya like lemons? Then I shall feed you my child. I'm gonna shove this lemon down your throat and hope you choke on your sins.
♣️ʙ ɴ ʜ ᴀ|s ᴄ ᴇ ɴ ᴀ ʀ ɪ ᴏ s♣️ by TsunTsun12
♣️ʙ ɴ ʜ ᴀ|s ᴄ ᴇ ɴ ᴀ ʀ ɪ ᴏ s♣️by Sabo & Jin Combo!
♣️♣️ᴛʜᴇ ᴛɪᴛʟᴇ♣️♣️ • Includes a lot of scenarios so don't miss it • Lots of fun • I talk about a lot of stuff so uwu stay ♣️♣️ᴇɴᴊᴏʏ!♣️♣️
I belong on the ice ! by pray_satan
I belong on the ice !by ☹︎ˢᵒᵒᵗʸ☺︎︎
Bnha skating fanfiction, this is my first ever fanfic so please be nice ( none of the photos are mine credit to the artists ( who i do not know the names of ) the story...
Devils Magic [Shouto Todoroki X Reader] by WormsWriteToo
Devils Magic [Shouto Todoroki X Re...by Hi Mom
You have a quirk known as 'Devils Magic' because of this most people who ever meet you believe you'd become a villain, thats what your main motivation is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
[On Hold] His Icy Facade  by nekogiru
[On Hold] His Icy Facade by castellas
There's a boy in Class 1-A who stands alone from the rest of the crowd. Will his icy demeanor drive you apart? Or will his hidden warm disposition bring you together? Wa...
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Fire Never Matched with Ice by eyepatchghouls
Fire Never Matched with Iceby eyepatchghouls
Todobaku → Bakugo promised himself for the longest time that he would never fall in love with anyone. Being a hero meant to save others, there was no room for weaknesses...
Something New by tomurashigaraki_
Something Newby A.
COMPLETED BOOK!!! todoroki x bakugou as a ship if you don't like them as a couple then I suggest you don't read this book although it will contain some violence such as...
Silver Skies // BNHA OC by RMK1012
Silver Skies // BNHA OCby RMK
In a world where 80% of the population have some uncanny ability, or a quirk, the rise of professional heroes has significantly increased over the years. When a young gi...
Our Pasts (Shoto Todoroki X Child reader) by skypie14
Our Pasts (Shoto Todoroki X Child...by My name isn't important
Before the entrance exams Endeavour adopted a girl called Y/n, who had a powerful quirk. She was a scared girl with everyone at the orphanage hating her. She even caused...
Smile!                                                       [Todoroki X Reader] by _Bee_owo_
Smile...by Bee
Smile /smīl/ Verb 1. form one's features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression. • • * • • * • • * • • "I always end up smiling when I'm with you."
Todoroki X Reader by dekus_tears
Todoroki X Readerby Ali
transfer student y/n comes to u.a in hopes of becoming a great hero, but also because her uncle wants her to come out of her shell. Y/n is the creation of All for One...
A Heart as Strong as Yours {Shoto Todoroki x Reader} by MajorMagicalMage
A Heart as Strong as Yours {Shoto...by Miss Kaede Akamatsu
To have a heart as strong as yours, I shall no longer be who I am, But only yours If my heart could take your love That hits me with a hard blow, I'd be happy If only I...