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The forgotten (Bleach fanfiction) by Animelover112523
The forgotten (Bleach fanfiction)by Anime and KPOP lover
This takes place after the capture of aizen. Ichigo didn't lose his powers they just temporarily disappeared. After fighting Aizen ichigo passes out. When he wakes his f...
Wild berry's - BoyxBoy by XxdinoroawxX
Wild berry's - BoyxBoyby Toni_Weeb:V
Kurosaki is on his way home and for some odd reason he see's Shirosaki.
Monsters with souls by scrletfyre
Monsters with soulsby Elizabeth Vounce
Naruto Uzamaki and Ichigo Kurosaki always knew that they were different from everyone else as they both carried monsters within them. After an event in their young lives...
Having Ichigo Kurosaki's Child X Reader by ecianhS
Having Ichigo Kurosaki's Child X R...by ecianhS
'How could this happen to me of all people' -Ichigo Don't own bleach or ichigo, just own the story.
Red Riding Strawberry by Jaychesh
Red Riding Strawberryby Karma
Ichigo Red Kurosaki (Ichigo Kurosaki) is the town's cute little teenage boy who loves to spend time in the forest at the edge of the town's limits, and loves his red hoo...
A Hollow's Game (Hichigo x Reader) - DISCONTINUED  by DragonSlayer28
A Hollow's Game (Hichigo x Reader)...by DragonSlayer28
Karakura Town isn't your average town with your average teenagers. No, this town is like a hotspot for Hollow's, Soul Reapers, Arrancars, and other non-human guests. (Y...
Dimensional War by scrletfyre
Dimensional Warby Elizabeth Vounce
Sequel to "Monsters With Souls" Years have passed for Ichigo Kurosaki and Naruto Uzamaki as they set out to find a way to stop Sosuke Aizen aided by his Arranc...
Holy Duos: The Reboot by MrSkywalker69
Holy Duos: The Rebootby The Kufi One
I do not own Bleach or Seven Deadly Sins This is the reboot to Holy Duos if you liked the original one then you'll love this. We're keeping the same concept but we made...
The Hollow and The Angel by LibraConstellation
The Hollow and The Angelby Black Wolf
(Name) has been searching for her soulmate, her other half. Why you ask? Well that's because it's a secret you might find out if you read. This is a Hichigo x Reader I d...
Inverted: Bleach [Currently Being Edited] by Ichigo015
Inverted: Bleach [Currently Being...by Destiny Boothe
A new student and an albino inner demon, what could possibly go wrong? [Hichigo Fanfiction]
To Give In (Ichigo X Uryu Yaoi AU) by BlakeReaper
To Give In (Ichigo X Uryu Yaoi AU)by Ulquiorra Cifer
"I want your heart." "I want your heart too." "What will you do for it?" "I will earn it." "I will take it."
Bleach One Shots! by manda_panda789
Bleach One Shots!by Skylar
Disclaimer, I obviously don't own bleach but the Idea's are mine. Please don't steal them, if you want to use them in your own stories then let me know at least. Bleach...
Eternal Requiem (Bleach Fanfiction) by AkiriaDanuve
Eternal Requiem (Bleach Fanfiction)by AkiriaDanuve
He's always watched the boy from afar, doing what he can with what he knows to gain access to his King's heart. The Hollow fails every time but his loyalty never falters...
I Told You So! by WarriorMan199456
I Told You So!by WarriorMan199456
Bleach 540 spoilers! When Nimaiya reveals to Ichigo who his real Zanpakuto is, a certain Hollow takes the time to brag to Ichigo that he was right. Too bad Ichigo still...
Princess [A Hichigo X Reader FanFiction]  by valkiray
Princess [A Hichigo X Reader FanFi...by Lulu
You, royalty. Your family's mansion was invaded a couple weeks prior by the Shirosaki Palace and your family's army was powerless to stop them. Your family banished, sca...
Bleach ONESHOTS/LEMON by UkiHitsuIchiToshiro
Bleach ONESHOTS/LEMONby Toshiro Ichimaru Ukitake Hits...
Hey I decided to make an oneshot please tell me how I did. Request for your Favourite Bleach person or your Favourite Bleach Couple.
Affection by KittyWillCutYou
Affectionby Kitty
"Be glad King loves ya so much Queeny...Because I show affection a bit differently…" A drabble series dedicated to HichiXRukiXIchi . Rating may change to somet...
Another piece, Another beautiful memory by Andromeda689
Another piece, Another beautiful m...by Andromeda_writes
Hichigo and Ichigo open up a lil more. probably a oneshot and contains slight Hichigo/Shiro and Ichigo shipping . Fluff and a lil angst Disclaimer - Don't own Bleach...
Kurosaki Times Three • Ichigo, Shirosaki, and Zangetsu One-shots by cxnstellatinq
Kurosaki Times Three • Ichigo, Shi...by yuurei
It's hard to live with two voices in your head especially when one's always bored and the other is such a creep. ══✿══╡°˖✧✿✧˖°╞══✿══ Cover art belongs to AnHellica. Ichi...