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I fell in <3 by ihaveUrmomsnumbaa
I fell in <3by 𝐻𝑎𝑐𝑘𝑒𝑟🗣
Brooklyn Young a 15 year old who falls in love with Jordan James who is 16, after a long term relationship in the past they finally get back to their story. Meeting in k...
Миний дүү эмэгтэй Альфа by Hope84410
Миний дүү эмэгтэй Альфаby Hope ム
100жилд Ганц л удаа эмэгтэй Альфа төрдөг гэлцдэг 21зуунд тэр нь төржээ.Жимин бол Хэннигийн ах гэхдээ омега тул Хэнни ахыгаа хамгаалдаг зүгээр ч нэг Альфа биш ба Хамгийн...
Henny, Caffeine, Green & Nicotine by Miss_Hoodnificent
Henny, Caffeine, Green & Nicotineby Miss G
Why not tap into the early love - hate story of Arlie and Heather from my "Thug Love Series"? *вe ѕυre тo нave read мy тнυg love ѕerιeѕ ғιrѕт* Hope Y'all Enjo...
Dragon Tail by chickenwaffleducks
Dragon Tailby chickenwaffleducks
Who are the new kids on the block? And why the hell do they have wings? Started: 1/22/19 Ended: ???
Dearly beloved  by Rhi_Santi
Dearly beloved by Rhi_Santi
Dearly Beloved where did we fuck up? Where we ever gonna be more? Did you know you were gonna move away like this? Did you or will you come back to me? Why did you break...
                                                            🍷Think by uziizooie
...by 'karma krys♥
once upon of time...........
big purr kita by ASeagullAteMochi
big purr kitaby maebae
she was lost, distraught between choosing the path of either henny or hispanic boys. based on similar events from our lives.
Love is a Lion: A Beast of Pain and Passion by ThePhroggPhather
Love is a Lion: A Beast of Pain an...by Phrog
He's a sophomore, she's a junior; how could he ever hope to get Jayden's attention? As a guy who feels invisible on the speech team, what chance does he have charming th...
Ryan ✨✨ by Lick-Mygayness
Ryan ✨✨by ryan🌈
Won't be dealing with your mans
Motel Hendry by MalaDi
Motel Hendryby Mala
Hendry "Henny" Burke, owner and operator of a small motel in West Virginia, lives on that line between knowing there is a supernatural world but not having it...
Josh and Henrietta's Explicit Adventures by henosh4eva
Josh and Henrietta's Explicit Adve...by henosh4eva
Nutted your pants? You've been a very bad boy, Joshykins...