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Toxic Love  by bullshnit
Toxic Love by Sarcasm
***COMPLETED*** This story was written when I was very young, so I personally find it cringe... read at your own risk 😶 Needs editing. Mafia romance, action and myster...
The Rockstar & The Girl Boss by TPWK002800
The Rockstar & The Girl Bossby TPWK002800
A popular rockstar met a girl who made his life more exciting
C - Suite by MoonlightHunter3
C - Suiteby Kyra
An ambitious Indian-American CEO mixes business with pleasure when she finds a hot-headed investor for a new venture. However, when forces threaten their fragile partner...
Alacris's Revenge by paloorosy
Alacris's Revengeby paloorosy
This story is a rivalry between a hot, smart businesswoman and a handsome yet arrogant businessman who is looking forward to take alacris out of business and make her re...
The Crossroad by meofcourse18
The Crossroadby meofcourse18
❝ Status: Currently holding it all together with one bobby pin. ❞ Meghana Somani was never sure of what she wanted when it came to men. She had always been an incorrigib...
Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible  by silent_ninja_dfc
Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible by Bond. James Bond
"She made broken look healed, And strong look invincible, She carried the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings." What if you wake...
Chasing Him by notebookThoughts
Chasing Himby notebookThoughts
In which a fierce girl chases a clueless guy, opens his eyes and makes him fall for her.
A collection of Poems & Stuff by sravanisagili
A collection of Poems & Stuffby Sravani Sagili
Poetry is like life. It can mean different things to different people. Different ways to look at it, interpret and relate. When you got so many things to say. Sometimes...
3:00 A.M. by lunaaris
3:00 Lunaris
Kintana Foulke is a planner. She made sure that everything in her life had its home. However, life as a girlboss is never easy especially when she had a close-minded bos...
Miss CEO : The Perfect by grpnair
Miss CEO : The Perfectby grpnair
SHE:- She is a ruthless and powerful Billionaire who doesn't think about anything except for leading her company to success . She is reserved and does not let her feelin...
We Are The Keller's  by innocentlyafloat
We Are The Keller's by ✨
Sequel too Moving in with the Davidson boys. Can be read as a stand alone book. After the birth of her child Bella Grey otherwise known as Arabella Keller faces many n...
Sad Girl Clapback *Now Available in Amazon* by 3pointt14
Sad Girl Clapback *Now Available Azia Mery
*PUBLISHED as 'Tired of Being Tired, Sick of Being Sad' by Azia To *now on amazon* This is the book I wish I had when I was 12, 13, 14 and growing up until I was 20. It'...
girl boss | mitch marner by stromarns
girl boss | mitch marnerby stromarns
lauren adams has always been known as a girl boss. once she graduated high school, she packed her life up and moved to toronto for university and to further her brand. a...
THE Cartell Sisters. by BlessingWoodson
Amilla is going to be the queen of her father's empire because Camilla didn't want to, but she has her eye on the enemy. Dean; Look it's fine I came over here to talk to...
Nova by loudielou
Novaby loudielou
She was raised to always be the best at whatever she tries and to never give up on her dreams. Nova was known as one the best at what she does, she doesn't need you to l...
My Boss, Ms. Jackson (On Hold For A Bit) by Skittlesxx0
My Boss, Ms. Jackson (On Hold Dawn
"Ms. Jackson, please. I really need this job. Fuck, a job period." I begged, running my hands through my hair. Fuck... the blonde I met earlier barges in spill...
She's Takin' Over  by nasthepoet
She's Takin' Over by Nas The Poet
Layla is a 33 year old Marketing Executive with over 10 years worth of experience. She's an HBCU graduate with great ties to her community. While many people look up to...
Half a world away by AGIngram
Half a world awayby AGIngram
What happens when two worlds collide? Love surely? But also heartbreak, tears and everything in between. Felicity, or better known as Flick, has waited for 11 years for...
Knife Play ( A Mafia Sibling/ enemies to lovers  story) by HerRomance
Knife Play ( A Mafia Sibling/ evon
Growing up in a mafia was never easy but growing up with three older brothers was even worse My name is scarlet del Luca but I'm known as KNIFE PLAY and for good reason...
The Heirs by ForeverDreamerXO
The Heirsby A P M
When you're the daughter of a Mafia Boss, a lot would be expected from you--taking over the family business most importantly, but what about what you really want? Celest...