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Tech Guy // h.s by clottedcurls
Tech Guy // h.sby Beth
Cassie Edwards is only weeks into her new job when she meets Harry Styles. She soon learns he is a hard man to hide from and that is when the new chapter of her life beg...
hate & other words || h.s au by cupsoffics
hate & other words || h.s auby cupsoffics
At sixteen, every person on earth is destined to get a tattoo on each arm: one that matches their soulmate and one that matches their worst enemy. The day Harry's name s...
Kissed by The Moon (HS) by Cici28Gucci
Kissed by The Moon (HS)by Cici
*not an A/B/O* Amelia Dayton, Daughter of the pack's Alpha, is forced to give up hopes of ever finding her True Mate. With her pack bordering the rouge territories, atta...
Agents | hs (SLOW UPDATES) by haroldtookachonce
Agents | hs (SLOW UPDATES)by haroldtookachonce
"Loving you is the biggest risk" "Why?" "Because I would take a bullet for you. Not the President" ~ Amber Blackthorn has worked for the CI...
Typo by bloodcells
Typoby Blake
“You’re going to kill us?” I choke out. “Eventually, yes.” Cover by izzysaphira
citrine by moonchildstyless
citrineby moonchildstyless
harrys a witch and he hasnt really been around people in a long time and then one day this girl stumbles upon his house and harry's pretty sure hes fucked ----- this is...
Aptitude by -whelve
Aptitudeby Ally
"Be prepared to lose everything, even yourself." © allyrwilliams 2015 All Rights Reserved. (#46 in Fanfiction)
Karma ||H.S|| by amberlove222
Karma ||H.S||by ♡ amber ♡
***More of a YA Fiction than Fanfiction. You can imagine Harry to be whoever you want him to be.*** **Karma always has a way of biting you in the ass** Deception, manipu...
Never Going Back Again by AWritingStyle
Never Going Back Againby AWritingStyle
Eve runs away from the only safety she's ever known and is saved time and time again by Harry Styles. But is she strong enough to stand on her own two feet when it reall...
Issues [h.s.] by augustmood
Issues [h.s.]by Augusta
"I guess we've both got some serious issues," In which a girl, hungry for revenge, meets a boy with just as many issues.
You're So Golden |H.S| by OnlyAngelAuthor
You're So Golden |H.S|by Angel
Golden, guns, and greedy glorification. Story started May 4th - ongoing
aster by moonchildstyless
asterby moonchildstyless
harry is a tattoo artist and kind of a dick and (y/n)'s just getting into her own but (y/n) has a huge crush on harry ______ this is one of my series from my tumblr moon...
Broken || h.s. AU (Special Edition) by uhohregrettio
Broken || h.s. AU (Special Edition)by let me die in peace
"Isn't it funny how it's the boy from the dark that helped me see the light?" As celebration of the one year anniversary since the finish of my most popular st...
Styles of Expressionism H.S by derailedthoughts
Styles of Expressionism H.Sby derailedthoughts
He was a tattoo artist by day, a painter by night. He possessed what is commonly known as an addictive personality. Perhaps inherited. He had always been like that. H...
chiaroscuro by moonchildstyless
chiaroscuroby moonchildstyless
y/n needed a job, and niall was really nice but this place is a little off and the owner is even stranger. ______ this is one of my series from my tumblr moonchildstyles...
Mercy | H.S | Harry Styles Fanfiction by catelynnexoxo
Mercy | H.S | Harry Styles Fanfict...by catexoxo
Lana was a shy girl, most people would say basic but her basic lifestyle gets turned upside down when she thinks she can handle playing games with Mr Styles. Little did...
INSTAGRAM ↠ harry styles ✓ by hesasnowflake
INSTAGRAM ↠ harry styles ✓by .
In which an album brings two artists together. ••• Started: 1st October 2017 Finished: 2nd April 2018 RANKS: #80 in Fanfiction - 16th December 2017 #107 in Fanfiction...
Harrison Avenue // H.S. by saswee4
Harrison Avenue // H.S.by saswee4
This is NOT a sequel to Grey Street, only bits and pieces of their story after that day in the café. I'd highly suggest reading Grey Street first. What happens when Har...
Fists and Knives (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by CreateAHarryStories
Fists and Knives (A Harry Styles F...by CreateAHarryStories
Kennedy has always had a hot temper and couldn't imagine meeting anyone who was as violent and angry as herself. All of that changes when she's hired as a private chef...
Butterfly Keeper // h.s. au by Snowtella
Butterfly Keeper // h.s. auby M
Charlotte is a sort of star that never dies, she's a sunny sky with clouds that cry. Harry is a sort of flower that never fully blooms, he's the dark side of the moon.