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Kismet - E2 Harry Wells by auroraaviolet
Kismet - E2 Harry Wellsby auroraaviolet
Luna stood there, bewildered. "What chance did I stand against kismet?" He simply replied. ~ kismet: destiny, fate warning: age gap ranks: #1 in harrywells #1...
Beyond Good And Evil - Harrison Wells x Reader by nebelschleier
Beyond Good And Evil - Harrison We...by nebelschleier
After your brother, Barry Allen, got struck by lightning the night the particle accelerator exploded, you have the unique opportunity to enter the world-famous S.T.A.R...
The Flash Season 4 Drabble Collection (A Series of Reader-Inserts) by darling_pet
The Flash Season 4 Drabble Collect...by darling_pet
A series of drabbles from Season 4 mainly featuring the relationships of either Barry Allen/Reader or Harrison Wells/Reader. Notes: These stories can be read in any orde...
Harrison Wells imagines by linmanuelseyebrows
Harrison Wells imaginesby Kate :)
Completed one shots! Includes Earth 2 Harry, Eobard Thawne Wells, and HR!
Harrison Wells imagines and one shots by OcetheSherlocked
Harrison Wells imagines and one sh...by OcetheSherlocked
Welcome! Imagines and one shots about any version of Harrison Wells (CW The Flash). I write these stories SLOW UPDATES Requests are open!! (NO SMUT and NO AU) Hope you l...
Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells x Reader One Shots (The Flash) by darling_pet
Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells x R...by darling_pet
A collection of one shots featuring the relationships of Harry Wells and the Reader (General Audience "G" and Teen & Up "T" ratings).
Harrison Wells'/Tom Cavanagh x reader by marvelxfandoms
Harrison Wells'/Tom Cavanagh x rea...by Esther⚡️💞🥰
U read the title so I think u get the gist - This is gonna include short stories, and one-shots for either Tom, the Wells', or one of Tom's characters - M- Mature (Smut)...
Our Little Secret (Harrison Wells x Reader) by Kokoro-san77
Our Little Secret (Harrison Wells...by ❤️Kyoko❤️
You have known Barry your whole life and had been friends with him and Iris since Elementary School. But when Barry convinces you to go with him and Iris to watch the Pa...