Haddonfield Stories

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Revenging You (Michael Myers x Reader) by Hyuga_Bia62
Revenging You (Michael Myers x Rea...by Hyuga_Bia62
"Are you going to abandon me?" He asked sad and confused. "I will never abandon you! You're my best friend! Even if we are separated, you'll always be in...
To Love Michael Myers by LabyrinthFanJareth
To Love Michael Myersby ❤️Saoirse❤️
Y/N moves to a small town in Illinois known by the name of Haddonfield, where a famous serial killer calls home. When Y/N has a confrontation with Michael Myers, she qu...
Halloween (1978) x Male OC by Jp721jr
Halloween (1978) x Male OCby Jp721jr
The Halloween movies are owned by John Carpenter. I own none of the characters in this except my OC.
Devil by KarmaRose99
Devilby KarmaRose99
Michael Myers, The boogeyman as some would call him, Michael Myers is a killer shark waiting to strike and will take down anything and anyone that he comes across. Cassi...
Halloween: Family Is Forever by Jamie_Deans
Halloween: Family Is Foreverby Jamie Deans
An alternate reality based after the events of Halloween 2 Michael escaped the fire and is back hunting for Laurie while she is looking for a better life for her...and J...
Soft Sides ((Michael Myers x Reader))  by Add_101
Soft Sides ((Michael Myers x Reade...by Addict Vow Beaumont
//Cover art is by me// ---- Halloween. It was your least favorite holiday to celebrate, since you always had so many fears of so many things. The ocean, high places, d...
Halloween Night by JesterheadJohnSnow
Halloween Nightby Al-X
It has been many years since Michael Myers had terrorized the small town in Illinois yet again and Haddonfield thought they had seen the last of him, but they are in fo...
Michael Myers x Reader (Is it love?) ENGLISH VERSION by Mangoci
Michael Myers x Reader (Is it love...by Mangoci
As a psychiatrist, you move to Haddonfield to work at the Smith Grove Sanitarium. And your first patient is. . . Michael Myers, whose previous psychiatrist was Dr. Loomi...
Cut off from the rest of the world and with nowhere left to turn, the residents of Haddonfield must fight for their lives as Michael Myers continues his killing spree as...
Halloween Michael Myers Rage by Mr_HorrendousHS
Halloween Michael Myers Rageby Thaddeus Dumas
The one who stalks through the shadows of the night. You can't outrun him. You can run but he'll always be faster. Michael Myers, who faced a group of teens who won a c...
Michael Myers: The Man Behind the Mask by zdbenson_
Michael Myers: The Man Behind the...by Zahria
Growing up, Michael Myers was known as a sweet, young boy. He made straight A's, obeyed adults, and was easy to get along with. He was also known for being the friendlie...
A Halloween Night in Haddonfield (Short Story) by iiKitpink
A Halloween Night in Haddonfield (...by selena k.
Despite all of the rumors that Michael Myers ever existed, you decide to stay at your Aunt's house for a week in Haddonfield. The first night you stayed there was Hallow...
Unwelcome | Michael Myers x Reader by HadesFromHecc
Unwelcome | Michael Myers x Readerby The Biggest Simp
(Y/N) had a good childhood. She was babied by her wealthy parents, and definitely isn't used to being independent, but she had to leave the nest sooner or later. Now, sh...
A Dance with Death picks up where HALLOWEEN left off, Laurie Strode has survived another attack from Michael Myers and has been rushed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital f...