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But Shixiong Doesn't Want To Be A Villain! 🐰 [BL] ✔️ by aklatbulati
But Shixiong Doesn't Want To Be A...by librong uod
Bai Fanlu transmigrated into an immortal cultivation novel as a villainous Demon Lord. In the original, the demon lord was in the ranks of the immortal class and had a p...
[MTL] Fortune Teller Master ✔ by LazyPatti0_0
[MTL] Fortune Teller Master ✔by Dusk
Note: I do not own this Novel. Please don't vote, For Offline Purposes Only. Happy Reading~♥ *** Novel Summary Fortune Telling, a mysterious technique, can also be said...
Children of the Holy Emperor by B_novel6821
Children of the Holy Emperorby B_novel6821
Lee Seongjin, the strongest hunter who defeated the demon king. He possessed the body of the pig tr*sh Third Prince, the Holy Imperial Family's shame. But the members of...
Synopsis : A 23-year old man who graduated Harvard flew back to his home country to sell fried goat meat in his self-made small stall, representing a conservative genera...
[MTL]Dressed As a Scum Who Abandoned His Wife and Daughter by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]Dressed As a Scum Who Abandon...by PurplePhoenix22
Details Short Title : DASWAHWD Alternate Title : 穿成抛妻弃女的渣A Status [Edit] : Completed Author : salt fennel Genre : Yuri Novel Summary When Lin Xi was cheated on by his g...
[MTL] Fortune Teller Master by brattyz_yum
[MTL] Fortune Teller Masterby brattyz_yum
Short Title : FTM Alternate Title : 算命大师是学霸 Status : Completed Author : XinyongkaNovel Summary Fortune Telling, a mysterious technique, can also be said dangerous becaus...
Rimuru FanFiction Idea's by KyvernitisTeleion
Rimuru FanFiction Idea'sby RivnENDS
Rimuru FanFiction Idea's Contains My Idea's Of Making Tensura What If's And Crossovers I Will Make Synopsis For Each Of Them Please Make Some Of Them By Your Self If Yo...
The Zenos by TheZenithofZenos
The Zenosby Titus Telford
For Taavi and every other teenager on the planet, the world has changed. Radiation waves washed over the globe annihilating almost all life in their path. Most people ov...
Treachery of the past by Illegirl0304
Treachery of the pastby Illegirl0304
Ichigo has lost his Shinigami powers and it has been like that for a year...until he discovers a power he had or that he never lost , a power which has been hidden from...
RYNE's ADVENTURE [On-Hold] by RavenLIV8
RYNE's ADVENTURE [On-Hold]by Raven LIV8
Ryne's life has been a whirlwind of uncertainty and mystery. Like any cliché protagonist, she finds herself devoid of memories, yearning to uncover her forgotten past. D...
THE CURSED LOVE by KrupaMangde
"So, it's not a bad thing" "You don't get it, do you?" "No, probably not" I said cupping his face in my small hands... "I'M THE KING O...
The truth is reveled by pastelvkitten
The truth is reveledby V
Jade Carter is just your average teenager. Jock older brother and popular bestie. but when her and her brother Alex find out their grandmother is dying and has to tell t...
I was Accidentally Killed by God So I Being Reincarnated To Another World by HeellooBlue
I was Accidentally Killed by God S...by Khazir.
William Noah Finn, a 17-year-old boy, who got hit by a flash of lightning due to a freaking accident caused by God, and she wakes up and finds himself to God of realms t...
The quagmire of life by theautumnleaves890
The quagmire of lifeby theautumnleaves890
After spending sixteen years of my life in the foothills of the Niman Mountains, I had to survive alone in the outside world. It's not that I'm lazy, but no matter how h...
Blood Princess, Kill Them All by NaomiiDump
Blood Princess, Kill Them Allby 卂 | Selene ✩
-- This story is not mine -- ---------------------------------------------- Mary is a princess who lacks the ability to use magic. Her arranged political marriage was se...