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Cast away (A germano fanfic) by Silver1212
Cast away (A germano fanfic)by Silver1212
A meeting is being held in Japan and every country is supposed to bring a report to announce in the front of the room. Romano Vargas was supposed to attend this meeting...
Hetalia One Shots! by NISAAN
Hetalia One Shots!by NISAAN
Welcome to Alfred's Amazing Hero Party Extreme! All your favorite nations are here! A lot of them are really drunk, and over the course of three long hours a few suggest...
Hetalia Oneshots And Headcanons ||Discontinued|| by AStormOfCreativity
Hetalia Oneshots And Headcanons || Rayne
This is my first oneshot book, so sorry for it sucking, and also the one shots may be sborter then normal one shots and also fair warning other then language and some ya...
Comfort (A Germano fanfic) by croppedprism4
Comfort (A Germano fanfic)by CroppedPrism4
Romano finds himself outside of Germany's door after he caught Spain cheating on him with Italy. -- Ok this is a short fic idea I had because of three different songs, e...
Hetalia Oneshots (Uncommon Ships)  by anxioustatertot
Hetalia Oneshots (Uncommon Ships) by Disoren
(The original got deleted or something, because it's not on my feed anymore so I had to restart) Rare and uncommon ships, as well as popular ships will appear in this bo...
Romano's song  by HetalianSpirit
Romano's song by The Imaginative One~
It's official Germany and Italy are dating. But they left a certain Italian very upset and unloved. How will Romano ever tell Germany how he feels? He gets his chance! W...
Hetalia One Shots (All ships welcome!) by OUTtriohetalia
Hetalia One Shots (All ships OUTtriohetalia
A book of one shots from any Hetalia ship, from common ones like France x England and Germany x Italy, to rarities like America x Germany and France x Russia. No discrim...
Sweet Side, Devious Side by RealFeatherfur
Sweet Side, Devious Sideby Jordan Croy
They've been having sex for months, they are learning each other's secrets, each one's heart beats for the other. But it's time for Ludwig to ask the most cliché questio...
Doorbell Friendship by ooopo123
Doorbell Friendshipby Writer_Unique
Germany only came so he could talk to Veneziano, he wasn't really expecting a sleep deprived Romano to answer the door. He later finds he doesn't really mind.
✿Bittersweet✿ - A collection of Hetalia one shots [No Requests] by Canada_Matthew
✿Bittersweet✿ - A collection of Daisy
A book of historical, painful, angsty, fluffy and sickly sweet one shots for the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. There will be occasional lemons, but mostly fluff or a...
-Switched- by Silver1212
-Switched-by Silver1212
"Remember Italia, we must act, speak and dress like each other. We cant let anyone know about this, understood!" Italy gone germany saluted back, eyes sparklin...
"Imagination Forest" (A Germano Oneshot) by Silver1212
"Imagination Forest" (A Germano Silver1212
Story inspired by the Mekakucity actors song imagination forests Request by LilMissSuzy Romano is ridiculed by the rest of the countries for being weak and spends his ti...
Hetalia Ship Scenarios by Ari_Azami
Hetalia Ship Scenariosby Anime Rantz
Country shipping scenarios. Any scenario and ship suggestions will be considered, possible smut, maybe? I'll consider it. *discontinued*
Distant by supgal
Distantby Prussian Puffins
One day, the Italy twins dissapear off of the face of the earth. Everyone is worried and look for them but when they do return, it is sure to say they are not the same a...
Unlikely lovers  by rubyheart_arts
Unlikely lovers by Rubyheart_arts
Hetalia rare pairs with a little plot but mostly fluff Couples Italy x Russia Germany x Romano Canada x Japan America x Prussia France x England x Spain
Hetalia Oneshots [Yaoi/Yuri/Het] {REQUESTS OPEN} by HavoxRage
Hetalia Oneshots [Yaoi/Yuri/Het] { HavoxRage
Sup guys and gals! This is what happens when Myles gets bored, haha!
A Twinkle Of Jealousy (GerMano) by Gagahhahaqqq
A Twinkle Of Jealousy (GerMano)by Cur Ergo
Romano may seem to hate Germany but he doesn't really. In fact, it's the opposite. But it looks like Germany loves Italy like everybody does... Or is it? I do not own H...
O Perigo das manhãs by ClaudioWGermanoJr
O Perigo das manhãsby Claudio Germano
Um professor universitário se perde nos caminhos da sua própria mente e tem lapsos de memória durante sua vida. Cerca de 10 anos após seu desaparecimento, sua ex mulher...
Lentes dormentes by ClaudioWGermanoJr
Lentes dormentesby Claudio Germano
Poemas variados, observações contundentes. Amor, apatia, drama, raiva, medo, política, tempo, luxúria..