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[1] The Moshino Toy (Female!Reader x Katarina/MNLAAV:ARLTD fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
[1] The Moshino Toy (Female! CHILLs_Studio33015
•This one is an OOC character •Gay, obviously Yuri here and your forever the star of the show, y/n. •The harem is still there, barely, because you're the star of the sho...
My Next Life as a Villainess: Rewriting Katarina's Paths by LabyrinthOfShitposts
My Next Life as a Villainess: Masked Labyrinth [SP]
"An unhappy viewer recently finished watching the first season of My Next Life as a Villainess, and felt that it was weird that everyone loved Katarina even though...
[2] MyNextLifeAsAVillainess: AllRoutesLeadToDoom Fanfiction ( ONESHOTS) by CHILLs_Studio33015
[2] MyNextLifeAsAVillainess: CHILLs_Studio33015
•Another book of MNLAAV:ARLTD oneshots, but this one is open for requests, in the sense of you must offer something in return for the request, here's an Example: "I...
Fortune Lover: New Rival by CreativeOwl19
Fortune Lover: New Rivalby Owlish Bookworm
Bianca Allencourt A new character that was to be introduced in the game 'Fortune Lover', But was only used with a full profile as part of the Beta version. Reincarnated...
I'm Telling You We Really Are Twins, Ok? (MNLAAV:ARLTD TwinAU fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
I'm Telling You We Really Are CHILLs_Studio33015
ON HOLD •MNLAAV:ARLTD twin AU fanfiction •Katarina gets a twin, that's it, everything else is not aligned whatsoever, maybe? Who knows created by: G