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Lovely Pain by NiraElice
Lovely Painby N. Elice
{Originally Lovely Tears Of Blood} I walked into my bedroom after a long day at school, Martha had cut my hair at sheared angle making it look horrid again, Terry dumped...
I'm [y/n]. An ordinary high school boy with a few friends that I know very well, and no talents ( ; . After school I go straight home ignoring everyone around me. But on...
sometimes being the last male sucks by thevoidlion11
sometimes being the last male sucksby thevoidlion11
Art not mine I just put the words so pls no copyright also this story is just about you the male reader are the one that created those 2 by your blood you are the true s...
Candle's Art Book by CandletheCat
Candle's Art Bookby CandleTheCat
Heya, I am the gay furry cat on the internet writing weird stories. This is my art book of my random art, art for characters in my stories, and small stories for those c...
Furry Lemons by YuiTheWriter
Furry Lemonsby YuiTheWriter
Don't read if you don't like s e x I warned you!
For You (Furry BoyXBoy) by TrixInTheMix
For You (Furry BoyXBoy)by TrixInTheMix
(cover art is not mine, I do not own it or claim it as my own) Cade is a fox, just a regular fox in his senior yeah of highschool at FurLakes Secondary School... well, o...
TMNT street punks and the four felines by ScottGirl
TMNT street punks and the four fel...by ScottGirl
This book is about four sisters moving to New York to get away from a group of hunters. Soon they meat the street punks and they take them in.
A Furry Tail by AnnaWolf2001
A Furry Tailby Anna Wolfe
My name is Lucy Catfilia I go to Furry Tail Academy, in Magnolia. Furry Tail Academy is a private school for Animalia or "Animal Humanoids" I guess you could...
Housamo Ask or Dare by TheFluffyDragon123
Housamo Ask or Dareby TheFluffyDragon123
Ask or Dare the Protagonist and the Summoners 主人公と召喚者に尋ねるか、あえて
Animal Jam Lovers by DonutSergent
Animal Jam Loversby General
Link has never had a love in his whole life, when he feels like his life is spiraling down he finds someone who makes him happy. A beautiful Artic Fox, will it work out...
SubMizer by RileyBlight
SubMizerby Riley Blight
Wussup my dirty dawg readers! What I've got here are some of my dirty writings. Not sure how often I'll post 'em but I hope everyone likes what I have here.
Hope of a Tomorrow  by jackson-is-typing
Hope of a Tomorrow by Thor
A true story of a friend and I.
tommyinnit dies tragically. by goatttrain
tommyinnit dies tragically.by I hate wattpad
tommy is a normal 18 year old going about his daily life until he meets... Includes: DNF Karlnap Quackbur Ranbee Your mumxme Purpledinnit Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream ...
(I can't think of a  title)Woolfster and dino story by Juicefor1-999
(I can't think of a title)Woolfst...by Rainbow Chi 🌠
Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a wolf named Woolfster and a dinosaur named Dino. These two creatures despised each other with a passion that burned hot...
happiness||furry gay by HiHi98353
happiness||furry gayby Hi Hi
A wyvern named Depression found love with a wolf named Anxiety. Will they find love? (Credits to Wikipedia for the drawing)
Un conejo en la luna  by itz_kita
Un conejo en la luna by Kita Myle
⚠️DISCLAIMER: Hi! this AU and the fic is originally by @DDDazel (so if you can speak spanish go check it out), but it's discontinued. So, giving all the credit to the or...
This is a pre sequel of my first book PORTAL TO ANOTHER WORLD! This is the start of everything, the world and the portal to it. You will uncover a few secrets and chara...
Furry RP book (Read rules) by JayzCoconut
Furry RP book (Read rules)by JayzCoconut
Sign up and to with me! Rules No lemons Cursing is fine(but not a lot) You can only have 5 characters Enjoy the rps (I was inspired)
Thinking Outside the Box by Yo-m4m5-f53t
Thinking Outside the Boxby Violet Bird
so I tried to make a little short story thing idk if it's short or too long but it also probably has bad grammar don't worry though cause I installed an extension calle...