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League of Legends: Short Stories by disnoca
League of Legends: Short Storiesby disnoca
This is a book with the short stories from the League of Legends Universe
Warmth for The Frozen Heart by lowkey_okey
Warmth for The Frozen Heartby lowkey_okey
Fanfic about League of Legends so most characters belong to them. I would like to prioritize the Freljord region and most champions within that area. Enough with that, c...
Into the Freljord (Ashe League of Legends Fan Fiction) (Complete) by IAmJessLol
Into the Freljord (Ashe League Jess
When you are stuck between what is right and what is wrong, you have to pick a side, or die trying. The the noble Freljord, Ashe, the frost archer calls appon her allies...
Frostbite | KatxAshe (League of Legends) by givemethespike
Frostbite | KatxAshe (League of —
(Ashe x Katarina Du Couteau) ------------ Geez, I have never imagined myself writing a fanfic from League of Legends since there are these lores and stuffs, also fantast...
League of Legends: Legends Academy by NeoZealot
League of Legends: Legends Academyby xRyuuko
Your favorite League of Legends champions are back to school! Follow them on their adventures and daily lives as they train for their upcoming battles in Summoner's Rift...
Iceborn Vindication (League of Legends FanFic) by matrota
Iceborn Vindication (League of Jared M. White
In the northern reaches of the Freljord, a young man awakens in the snow to find himself abandoned by his comrades. Seeking only to live a little longer, he begins to wa...
En un bar by darkusV02
En un barby DarkusV02
Típicas conversaciones de un demaciano, un noxiano y un freljordiano en un bar.
 It's cold in the Spring by League4Lifeu
It's cold in the Springby NeonLights
Sejuani is like the cold that goes into your bones, aggressively attacking anything that tries to stop it and yet so gentle and formless in its way. But what happens to...
League Of Legends: A Fan-Made Story by renvn_
League Of Legends: A Fan-Made Storyby Rian
Every champion who has joined the League of Legends have different reasons to be there. Reasons that are all in correlation to attaining victory over others. In a battle...
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Lost In A Blizzard by miss_Mery
Lost In A Blizzardby miss_Mery
Freljord. A land where lots try and little succseed. A land where blizzards are the daily routine and not meeting at least one wild animal is something supernatural. Whe...
The Rise of Lissandra by Pookiemonstar
The Rise of Lissandraby Pookiemonstar
Freljord is finally at peace. Sejuani's clan has been defeated and put at rest. Ashe and Tryndamere are crowned as king and queen of Freljord and the war between the cla...
Tales of Freljord by ValkyriaChaos
Tales of Freljordby Letícia Alvarenga
"The Freljord is a harsh and unforgiving place - where the people are born warriors, who must persevere against all odds." Inspired by the universe created by...
Into The Frel by Asheswillrise
Into The Frelby Risen Ashes
Ashe is the daughter of one of the four remaining Freljord Tribes. Her mother was killed in a raid by another Freljord Tribe. Ever since then Ashe has been on the run fo...
Antidotes to fear by InspectorJabez
Antidotes to fearby Sheridan Su
League of Legends stories
Tales of Runeterra: A Collection of League of Legends Stories by DrySkeleton
Tales of Runeterra: A Collection DrySkeleton
Runeterra. A world of vast history and rich tales. Some people like to talk about less horrible things, like the rise of the glorious Shuriman empire, while other discus...
The purple blaze (League of Legends) by algiediacap
The purple blaze (League of Chosen of the moon
Young healer Athea one day meets heavily injured man. Read to learn more about her... Ruelle "Find you"
Forgotten Songs of Runeterra  by WidgetMcWhopper
Forgotten Songs of Runeterra by WidgetMcWhopper
Nunu's amazing adventure across Runeterra! Every adventure leads to new friends and a long lost mystery that is greater than Nunu could ever imagine.
(League Of Legends)Freljord 1: The Ancient Times by FrostyMyrrh
(League Of Legends)Freljord 1: Romela Zabala
The Legend Of The Three Sisters during in The Ancient Times are now here to seek your answers about how the tribes divided into three. Open the secrets! and read the Gen...