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League Of Legends: Champion Lores by disnoca
League Of Legends: Champion Loresby disnoca
This is a book with the lores of the League of Legends Champions. Each one of these tell a little (or big) story about the League of Legends Champions. All of these lore...
League of Legends x Reader by wolf_childreen
League of Legends x Readerby mri
Welcome to LoL x Reader! I will be taking requests, and I'll be updating as soon as I can. I will also be doing champion x champion and original character x champion. E...
League of Legends: Zephyr by -shanachu
League of Legends: Zephyrby shana
a league of legends fan-fiction: any ships requested. THIS BOOK IS COMPLETED, PLEASE PROCEED TO THE 2ND BOOK. -- ❝when the day was young.❞
Mordekaiser's Return to Runeterra by Mstr_Pickles
Mordekaiser's Return to Runeterraby Snackimedes
After the tribes of Noxus and Le Blanc's aided betrayal of the Iron Revenant he was sealed away into Mitna Rachnun. This had been to his plan as he had once built his mo...
The Journey of Light (An Ezreal x Lux Fanfiction)[League of Legends] by Chegraine
The Journey of Light (An Ezreal Cheza Vidal
Demacia is a strong, lawful, society with prestigious military history. Piltover is a thriving city of progress. In both cities, two people collide and find greatness in...
Cataclysm: Dragonborn by ValkyrieLead
Cataclysm: Dragonbornby Marshall Smith
Two years have passed since Jarvan IV disappeared from Demacia, vowing for 'Atonement'. As he finds himself slowly drifting home from below the Great Barrier, he discove...
League of Legends: Short Stories by disnoca
League of Legends: Short Storiesby disnoca
This is a book with the short stories from the League of Legends Universe
Chronicles of Runeterra by Travelling_Writer
Chronicles of Runeterraby SAM
This is basically a League of Legends short story book. I'll probably replace this description once I think of something better.
League of Legends: Legends Academy by NeoZealot
League of Legends: Legends Academyby xRyuuko
Your favorite League of Legends champions are back to school! Follow them on their adventures and daily lives as they train for their upcoming battles in Summoner's Rift...
Clawless. (Talon Oneshot) by KittyToKatz
Clawless. (Talon Oneshot)by DeathOfAverage
"Eventually... My blades will find their way into your heart." Talon is a well known assassin in Noxus who works for Katarina's dad, Du Couteau in the League o...
The Dark Mage: Road to Conquest by MonzterWolf
The Dark Mage: Road to Conquestby MonzterWolfGaming
A story of one yordle on a mission to take over the world, but his plans have a twist at the end. Read to find out the story of Veigar the tiny master of evil. This is j...
Tales of Runeterra: A Collection of League of Legends Stories by DrySkeleton
Tales of Runeterra: A Collection DrySkeleton
Runeterra. A world of vast history and rich tales. Some people like to talk about less horrible things, like the rise of the glorious Shuriman empire, while other discus...
Of Blood And Might by JGBabyInocchi
Of Blood And Mightby Inocchi-senpai
* A League of Legends fanfiction * Demacia and Noxus. Two city-states locked in an age-old war that spanned generations after generations. A fateful encounter brings two...
Relentless Glory | Garen x Darius by Sova127
Relentless Glory | Garen x Dariusby Ray
As the cold and brutal war between Demacia and Noxus rages on, a new warmth emerges in the midst of the battle. Blue eyes, brown hair, standing at 185 cm tall, Garen Cro...
KATARINA i Garen - Zakazana Miłość by Mag116
KATARINA i Garen - Zakazana Miłośćby Mag116
Nie ważne co mówi serce, ważny jest tylko honor Noxusu. Nigdy nie słuchaj serca dziecko, serce biję tylko po to, byś mogła pomóc Noxusowi. To ciągle powtarzał Katarinie...
League of Legends: Mission by ilyleague
League of Legends: Missionby LoL
The adventures of the League of Legends champions.
Once Upon a Time In Runeterra (League of Legends)  by URGOTKILLER
Once Upon a Time In Runeterra ( URGOTKILLER
“He is my old friend Lee Sin” Jarvan said “How did you entered the room this time my friend? With the power of the wind or by stepping on the rain?” “The door was open a...