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Cyan Eye [Fontcest] by xXCyanEyeXx
Cyan Eye [Fontcest]by xXCyanEyeXx
After a painful run, Frisk Reset. Ever since they did, Sans had only been getting Nightmares every night. Papyrus tried to help as best as he could, but Sans never allow...
Little Cherry by Thefangirlsfangirl55
Little Cherryby Thefangirlsfangirl55
Sans is getting tired of his brother making him miserable. Being taunted and being bruised. He works on his machine a lot more now then simply disappeared. Where did he...
"I'll Help You" Honeymustard Fanfiction by aufictions
"I'll Help You" Honeymustard aufictions
• discontinued • One day an abused skeleton appears out of nowhere. He looked like he needed help... He looked like he The tall skeleton notic...
Falling in pun with you (Completed fontcest Story)  by Intellectualpan
Falling in pun with you ( Jessica
A skeleton named Sans falls in love with the only thing that makes him happy, that made him feel complete... his brother Papyrus. But when sans suspects papyrus of falli...
Is It Just Brotherly Love? by PandaTeaParty
Is It Just Brotherly Love?by Ew
|| Sans x Papyrus Fanfic || Sans has been having the same dream over and over again. He only now realizes it's not just a dream or a nightmare- It's a memory. Now, he's...
I'll always be there (Classic Fontcest.) by YourFontCestSinner
I'll always be there (Classic HeartPaw
Sans has had a crush on his brother ever since Paps Began 4th grade, He never learned what most things were, Because Gaster was never there for them, And sans just felt...
Fontcest comics and fanart by DeathIsHappy
Fontcest comics and fanartby 00:00:00:00
just in case I have to delete them from my gallery I'll put it here, also I wanna give stuff to you :3 Cover: 🎨: rainydayeternity on Tumblr (I just loved it I has to do...
fontcest Heat by dump_you_ships_here
fontcest Heatby jackeline bermeo
smut I love this ship
I INCEST You Stay With Me by Xx_Undyne_xX
I INCEST You Stay With Meby Xx_Undyne_xX
No regrets other than my existence =)
The Untold Tale Of The Skelebros (Sans x Papyrus) by ThirtyO7
The Untold Tale Of The Skelebros ( ThirtyO7
(I decided to reupload this for the heck of it. I made this when I was a 12 year old girl that was crazy about Undertale and thought gay relationships were the most puer...
Underswap!Papyrus X Underswap!Sans (Contains Sexual Content And Crude Language) by AkariDaWolf
Underswap!Papyrus X Underswap! Akari Takahashi
This story is based on a small comic i read, comic goes to original creator, i don't own the picture as the cover nor the comic. this is a smut story so fite me. 😑😎😲�...
undertale lemons by sno0dle
undertale lemonsby lol
buttsex (don't read if you're here just to leave hate) [cover cr: smlgrim on Twitter/sem-l-grim on Tumblr]
Spooky Scary Skeleton Fluff by Nom-de-plume-system
Spooky Scary Skeleton Fluffby Nom De Plume System
this ended up being a dreamswap book oopsie
San's Au's One shots (Request Open) by Shadowolfie2008
San's Au's One shots (Request Open)by Shadow Wofie
Enjoy these one shots! Edit: I am now accepting Dreamswap oneshot requests! Edit: just Sancest and Fontcest, sorry
Undertale One shots by BuckyBunny
Undertale One shotsby Multi-Fandom-Shipper
These are all Undertale oneshots, and they mainly feature Error, Comic, and Red with their Papyrus's or another Sans. These are all fluffy, badly written oneshots. This...
Give it a SHOT (Underswap Fontcest) by SomeoneReallyGay
Give it a SHOT (Underswap Fontcest)by Richie
Underswap Sans x Papyrus EXTREME NSFW! (I do not own any pictures including the cover photo) Sans gets curious as to why Papyrus comes home drunk all the time, so he ta...
~A Brother's Love~ by PaperjamLove
~A Brother's Love~by Jammy_Teh_Potato
This story is about the adventures of two brothers who find that they're in love. Each chapter has its own story and some may have two parts or more. As each chapter pas...
Heavy body.  by -_CAPTAIN_SMEXY_-
Heavy body. by -_CAPTAIN_SMEXY_-
Unacceptable love. Within the world of broken homes and shattered souls. There was no love.. - Cover art isn't mine!
a cup of lemonade   (sans aus x Frisk lemon oneshots) by ihatemylifebruhh
a cup of lemonade (sans aus x ihatemylifebruhh
hello humans of this Wattpad world!! author chan here this is my first lemon book ! I know I'm not good with writing much but I'mma try my hardest to make one to please...