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A New Path [Final Fantasy VII Fanfic] by VampireDarkprincess
A New Path [Final Fantasy VII •Cecil•
Certain characters except for my OC and her parents belong to Square Enix. A night like any other, Aurora sat in her couch, resting after a long day of work, she drifted...
Final Fantasy VII Oneshots and Drabbles by SydneyTheAwesomeNerd
Final Fantasy VII Oneshots and Sydney
I'm so excited for the remake, so here we are! Will all of these make sense within the FF7 universe? Probably not. Does FF7 always make sense within the FF7 universe? No...
Cloud Strife x Reader - You're Wonderful by YatothejengaGod
Cloud Strife x Reader - You're Moved Accounts
Troubled Souls | Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) ✓ by tsukkki-
Troubled Souls | Vincent Jess
Vincent Valentine x OC | Final Fantasy VII [Based on the events of FFVII: Advent Children] Vincent Valentine is a man struggling to move on from his past. Haunted by mem...
Blame Game // Reno by alittlebitbias
Blame Game // Renoby ♛
― In which a red headed Turk gets tasked to watch a certain hacker to make sure she follows orders. Melody Lee has made plenty of mistakes in her life... but this one m...
The President's Niece [Sephiroth x Reader] by Dark_Sapphire_30
The President's Niece [Sephiroth Dark_Sapphire_30
(Y/N) ShinRa, a first class SOLDIER and the niece of the President, Rufus ShinRa, the owner of The Electric power company. Like every soldier she started low and took y...
Kingdom Hearts Advent: The New Universe by Fireheartsage
Kingdom Hearts Advent: The New Fireheartsage
Sora didn't know how it happened... but he was sealed away and many years had passed. Riku and Kairi had died... his friends were gone when he awoke... the universe was...
The Stars in Your Eyes (Cloud Strife x Reader) by TD-Yukiryuu
The Stars in Your Eyes (Cloud Yuki-chan
Rated #1 FF7 (On October 21, 2018) #1 cloudstrife (On October 27, 2018) She always wanted to see the shimmering glory of the celestial s...
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (CloudxReader) by MapleBuns813
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? ( MapleBuns813
After confessing to Cloud, things between you two just aren't the same. You'll always love him, but is that going to get in the way of your friendship? Have things alrea...
From Nibelheim To Orario by Tensai_forev
From Nibelheim To Orarioby Nejire-senpai
When Cloud ends up traveling to Orario when wanting to go back home trying to return from Smash
CloTi Remake by Somi_BP
CloTi Remakeby Somi_BP
Follow Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and Red on their journey after saving the world from Sephiroth's first attack. This fanfic is based upon the ending of Final Fantasy...
Parenthood'z Nightmare by OrtumnAllbones
Parenthood'z Nightmareby Ortumn
Sephiroth is thrown into his own personal nightmare - PARENTHOOD! Forced to father a toddler just as strange as himself, Sephiroth tries to balance a war around day care...
Kadaj x Reader Baby Daddy by Kuro_nee-san
Kadaj x Reader Baby Daddyby Kuro_nee-san
I'm finally (after 5 years) bringing my Baby Daddy over from DA...
Cloud And Aerith: The Bodyguard by xXxkayleighxXx90
Cloud And Aerith: The Bodyguardby Kayleigh
Cloud becomes the bodyguard of the last descendant of the Ancients, while also taking on unknown powers himself. He knows he shouldn't fall in love with her and she's al...
Violet Shadows (FFVII) by Mrs_Strife
Violet Shadows (FFVII)by FF Fanatic
What if Lucrecia Crescent had a sister who would've given anything to keep her son, Sephiroth, safe from Hojo's experiments? Violet Crescent wanted nothing to do with th...
Defenders Of Midgar by Kima_Grouphuel
Defenders Of Midgarby Kima_Grouphuel
This story is just a book that I made up where Cloud and his allies is a superhero group called the Defenders Of Midgar. Hope y'all enjoy it! ~Kima_Grouphuel
Cloud male reader x female skylanders by BlueberryAlastor
Cloud male reader x female BlueberryAlastor
So you look like cloud strife but kingdom hearts version and yes I play skylanders so f*** you anyways hope you enjoy the story!
Until The End (Cloud Strife Love Story)UnderEditing by princessrroxas
Until The End (Cloud Strife Love princessrroxas
The plot takes place in Final Fantasy Advent Children. A girl named Freya Spirit Hunter has been gone for 3 years. Her childhood friend, Cloud Strife, has been in depres...
Crisis Core: The Novel by TeamWingless
Crisis Core: The Novelby Team Wingless
Zack Fair is a SOLDIER in an elite paramilitary organization. But when a revered 1st Class operator goes rogue, his tight-knit family of teammates gets taken for a fatal...
Childhood Friends to Lovers (Cloud X Tifa) FFVII by FelixChan_Stay
Childhood Friends to Lovers ( ⁷ᴋɪɴɴɪᴇʙᴛs
Cloud Strife, the coolest guy in school encounters Tifa Lockhart, the brunette beauty of hotness and the new girl (A.K.A His Childhood friend) Tifa wants to be with Clou...