Kingdom Hearts Adve...
By Fireheartsage
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Sora didn't know how it happened... but he was sealed away and many years had passed. Riku and Kairi had died... his friends were gone when he awoke... the universe was at peace, but the once cheerful Sora felt empty inside. Saddened by this, an old dying Yen Sid decided to use his magic to send Sora into a new universe, where he can heal. Sora, back in his KH3 outfit, Sora ends up in Midgar... where he meets alternate versions of sine of his friends... in a group known as AVALANCHE! He fell in the universe of Final Fantasy 7!! Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. I know very well that Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are owned by Square Enix. This is simply a retelling of FF7 in a new way. While elements of both the original and remade FF7 will be found here, this is still it's own fanmade version of the story with Kingdom Hearts at the center of it all.

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Kingdom H...
by Fireheartsage