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Crash Landing on you - the untold scenes by RitaArcher
Crash Landing on you - the untold...by Rita Archer
Crash Landing on You. A powerfull story for an amazing show. Beautiful. Exquisite. Wonderful cast. Awesome story love of fate, redemption, forgiveness. A south Korean ri...
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Between Fate by _elylyn
Between Fateby Ely Lyn
A novel by _elylyn
Unexpected path  by 22Marrii
Unexpected path by 22Marrii
Belle has always been someone that plans out every decision she makes. From a young age she planned out what activities she would do in school to ensure she got into the...
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Enigma by cherryannesausa
Things may have turned out into something it's fated to be but what if there's another story aside from what you already know? The truth could have been something else...
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Planet Zero by harmonygames
Planet Zeroby harmonygames
20 years after the events of Lost Tomb, a mysterious orb exploded, and caused the multiverse to converge into one enormous planet. This planet is known as Planet Zero.
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misplaced rose petals by ZakHeisig
misplaced rose petalsby ZakHeisig
choices which have left me where i am today, all in a weird format, to keep things, calm :)
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We are stronger together by mairyleo90
We are stronger togetherby Mairy
I'm about to get married to the love of my life. Then I get accidentially artificially inseminated. Taron is the dad. What he doesn't know is that we have met before. Wi...
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Blind Fate by mariewhowrites
Blind Fateby Marie💛
Ian Mitchell seemed to be average. He seemed to have himself and his life put together. Until him and his girlfriend were in a horrific car accident. He fell off the wag...
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Defying Fate by hope640
Defying Fateby Jel Marae
" A child conceived despite the chastity 21 years of age, she would fulfill the prophecy Thorns o...
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Rays of whispers     by   hopeonfire2 by hopeonfire2
Rays of whispers by hopeonfi...by hopeonfire2
for me rhyme is real world of life .☺☺ 🌻plagerism is crime🌻 🍓all rights are reserved🍓 regards 🎄hopeonfire2🎄
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Claire's Scales Adventures by Markishere54
Claire's Scales Adventuresby Mark Black
The Blood Dancer life is not easy for the new generation of The Arachne. Also having to converse with the Viaian as well. It can't be easy for our newest younglings. Cla...
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Echoes of the Silence  by Pearls_Queen
Echoes of the Silence by ًفَنَّانً
(Previously known as 'Life and Speeds, Dreams and Break) Zoya Malik stands as the star eligible child to anyone who comes across her. What pronounces everyone's love an...
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Master to Heroes, But an Avenger to the World! by Anime_MultiPlay_
Master to Heroes, But an Avenger t...by Anime_MultiPlay_
Izuku Midoriya, all his life having a vast fascination to heroics. Be it work the heroes of today's modern society acompleshes, or small time assistance like rescuing c...
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Dear Habla Hoe by darkbee101
Dear Habla Hoeby Dark
A letter to Habla Hoe which depicts the story of my first love and how it went on to generate numerous controversies and endless depression. The story contains elements...
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Crowley King of Asgard by Kirsty_Owens
Crowley King of Asgardby Kirsty Owens
Serpent of Eden on the throne of Asgard? What could possibly go wrong? Crowley is King of Asgard after the unearthing of an old prophecy and lifting the hammer. Heaven a...
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Lost in the castle by SilviaKrpatova
Lost in the castleby Silvia Krpatova
The first chapter of this story is my entry (winner) for @WattpadTimeTravel Travel in the dark contest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Weekly updates~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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Fate - Jimmy Garoppolo by One_direction94
Fate - Jimmy Garoppoloby One_direction94
Because fate has a funny way of working And true love never really dies.
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(Tống mạn) - Kibutsuji Tomie - Hải thầm quỷ by Jadetomie
(Tống mạn) - Kibutsuji Tomie - Hải...by Jade Tomie
Đã full nhưng ko có raw full, đang phải dịch từng chương. Up lên dần Quyển thứ nhất văn án: Kết hôn một năm tròn, nàng phát hiện nàng trượng phu kỳ thực là cái mạo...
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Ức Chế Lực - Counter Guardian by rinkatosin
Ức Chế Lực - Counter Guardianby Walker Đệ Nhị
Một thiếu niên đi ngang qua với sát khí âm trầm . Cầm lấy kiếm lẫn thương đi qua để người khác nhìn thấy nổi da gà . Khi chết đi thì đi làm công cho Alaya . Cảm thấy qu...
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Destiny | on hold |  by -Shayaa
Destiny | on hold | by ☾
❝Destiny changed everything for us.❞ ❝They were brought to each other. They were happy because of each other. They were separated from each other. They were hurting beca...
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