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Fairy Tail Roleplay by babbyg18
Fairy Tail Roleplayby Belle
Join the family! Go on adventures, have romances, take down all our foes, or have a drink!
Fairy Tail Roleplay (Open!) by StoryTime_With_Aelin
Fairy Tail Roleplay (Open!)by Aelin
Come and join the fun! Just as the title says. A Fairy Tail RolePlay Fairy Tail Roleplay
Brosia Is A Fairy Tail Fly by Brosia_Lee
Brosia Is A Fairy Tail Flyby Amber :3
Actually, this is a Roleplay. I got this Idea from Fem_Natsu_Dragneel's book "Natsuki's Family". Enjoy.
Fairy Tail Rp! by X_Zen_Valkrum_X
Fairy Tail Rp!by X_Zen_Valkrum_X
I'm making a new fairytail roleplay because no one goes on my old one
FairyTail Next Gen Roleplay!  by X_Zen_Valkrum_X
FairyTail Next Gen Roleplay! by X_Zen_Valkrum_X
I will choose the ships! It will be a lot easier :3! I will mention them here and in the chapters. •Gratsu •Fraxus •Stingue •Gale •Erlu •Bickslow x Lisanna Enjoy! :3
Anime Rp  by GetAwayFromMyUser
Anime Rp by all books are on hold till my...
all different varieties type of Rp for fun
Fairytail roleplay by Amber_Fairytail
Fairytail roleplayby Waffle lover
fairytail roleplay is you can roleplay with me and other people
Fairy Tail Rp by MeowAshley12
Fairy Tail Rpby Ninny
So I decided to do this. Oc can join ^^
🎉Fairy Tail Roleplay!🎉 by -Millianna_Kitty-
🎉Fairy Tail Roleplay!🎉by Millianna
I saw people were making these so I decided to make one too!
Morgan Cheney's Instagram by Kaylie_Eevee_Sylveon
Morgan Cheney's Instagramby Kaylie Spalding
Inspired by all the fairy tail next gen instas I read. Y'all can rp on here with me if u want. I'm open to rping with people.
The Guild| Fairy Tail by FairyTailGuild_
The Guild| Fairy Tailby 【Fairy Tail Guild】
The place where all the magic happens! The Fairy Tail Guild! It will have libraries, bars, request boards and many more my friend! This also goes after the 7 year arc if...