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wrong number; cutkosky. by wifisfuneral
wrong number; ࿐༄
If it weren't for that asshole who one nighted me and gave me the wrong number, you and I would never have even met. ib: blueeyedhaim ♡ there will be smut, read at your...
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Lovely || Ethan Cutkosky ✔ by diablosdemons
Lovely || Ethan Cutkosky ✔by Dumb bitch™
"I like you. I mean I like you a lot more then a fri-" she was cut off by his soft lips against hers A/n: mind my spelling mistakes Cover by @KINGKYLIEW Milest...
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I warned you// Carl Gallagher/Ethan Cutkosky Love Story by obeymaddiee
I warned you// Carl Gallagher/ Obey Maddie
"I warned you. I fucking warned you to stay away. But you're a Gallagher. You don't know what you've gotten into now"
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The bad girl by parad0_x
The bad girlby Icouldcarelessbby
She has always had a rough life, when her mom and dad died in a drive by she is forced to move in with Kevin and Veronica. She falls for a Gallagher and they realize the...
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carl gallagher imagines by shamelesswow
carl gallagher imaginesby jules
imagines about carl gallagher
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guys my age ↠ e. cutkosky [discontinued] by darklinas
guys my age ↠ e. cutkosky [ - ̗̀courtney ̖́-
❝guys my age don't know how to treat me right❞
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all night long  by ethancutkoskylove
all night long by Emerson
@ekat followed you
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"I am not gay" by flower_god
"I am not gay"by flower_god
TW: MENTIONS OF DRUGS, ALCOHOL, SEX, AND VIOLENCE + SLURS Eliott has been in a happy relationship with his girlfriend since freshman year. They're going on 3 years now...
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Hopeless ━ Peter Parker by casuaIIy
Hopeless ━ Peter Parkerby — dancing queen.
❝In my memory, it doesn't end, we just stay there, looking at each other, forever.❞ 『 homecoming-au 』 『 the extraordinary series 』 ...
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Instagram {E.C} {Book 1} by crybbykayla
Instagram {E.C} {Book 1}by crybbykayla
{ekat19 liked your photo} {ekat19 commented on your photo: hot❤️} {~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~} I just really love Ethan CutKosky and Shameless
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Carl Gallagher • Imagines ✨ by BasicallyThottie
Carl Gallagher • Imagines ✨by Selena 🦋
Drugs, sex, alcohol.. just the normal Carl things you would expect. Super smut, super illegal. But who gives a fuck when you're with a Gallagher?
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Him // e.c by proudlawleypop
Him // e.cby gallagher
Madison Miller moves to L.A. because of her parents' divorce. She accidentally bumps into Ethan Cutkosky. He's a green eyed heart throb, according to Madison. They hit i...
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GHETTO BOY • Alice Cullen by DialJett
GHETTO BOY • Alice Cullenby DialJett
Kurt Lane was another lost soul from the ghetto. Poor boy didn't matter to anyone enough to even be wanted from his mom back in Detroit. Little did Kurt know, that move...
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My Girl by babygirlslumped
My Girlby babygirlslumped
just a story where a girl falls in love with a boy and that boy happens to be Ethan Cutkosky {social media} {ethan cutkosky x oc}
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The Gallagher boy by UTALMBOUTMAWIFE
The Gallagher boyby Paris🥰
Skyleigh was in a foster home until she finally was wanted. She was in there because her dad went to jail for abusing her. Kev and V couldn't get pregnant so they decide...
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Carl Gallagher Imagines  by luvmulti
Carl Gallagher Imagines by .
#1 in Carl Gallagher Imagines happy, sad etc. have any requests drop them in the comments box !!!
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Imagines ; Carl Gallagher  by Carlsslut
Imagines ; Carl Gallagher by 🚮
Warning! This book will Contain a lot of smut at least in each Story, so if you're uncomfortable With sexual content, read another book. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ ...
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dynamic duo ♡ carl gallagher [1] by shamelesswow
dynamic duo ♡ carl gallagher [1]by jules
kasey parker has lived next to the gallaghers her whole life, she's practically family. her and carl are known as the dynamic duo. they're best friends who always cause...
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Troubled Kid by candyshack_
Troubled Kidby candyshack_
Ethan Cutkosky When an innocent girl moves to Arizona she takes a liking to her new neighbors and begins to not be so innocent anymore.
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a carl gallagher x reader story. by dayzedandconfuzed
a carl gallagher x reader kai.
i thought you were better than that.
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